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It is the eternal enigma among girls with very round face, very square or something chubby.

And the truth is that many times it is the horizontality of it that plays a trick on us but, luckily for all, everything has a solution.

In this case, the hair is our biggest ally and the cut and the hairstyles that we choose will achieve an effect or another. Can I look thin with only a cut, a hairstyle or a wick?

The answer is a YES with capital letters. We explain how:

Long, straight and straight hair. Our favorite option Besides that now the maxi mane is a trend, has the verticality you need to balance your appearance


  • Where do I put my hair stripe? Definitely, to one side. We know that if you are not used to it and you have always taken it to the center, it will be difficult for you to get used to it. But try it because we can assure you that by covering something on the front and a part of the jaw, your face will look thinner in a matter of seconds.
  • Layers for round faces. In this case, they will have to meet two requirements: that they are as long as possible and pass the chin and that they do not believe the sensation of framing the face. They do you no favors.
  • Short hair yes, but asymmetrical. Are you a fan of the bob cut? No problem but girls with the chubiest face have to try to be asymmetrical. That is shorter behind and longer ahead.
  • The two-star hairstyles for girls with round faces: soft waves (in the style of Blake Lively ) and high bun or top bun, one of the hairstyles of the season.
  • Bangs, yes or no? Yes, but according to the type of face you have. Find out which fringe you feel best.
  • The wicks that make your face thinner. It will seem very strange to you but the clearest ones have to be as far as possible from your face, which is the most striking.

The waves that best feel round faces

If instead of wearing it straight and straight you want to give a little life to your hair, there is no problem.

Opt for retro-inspired waves (type 40s) and try to make them with the tongs in the opposite direction to the face.

Put a line in the center if you want but tuck a strand behind the ear, as does Jessica Chastain.

How to get smoother waves-WOMAN HAIRSTYLES

Actually, the softer the waves the better. This will make the aesthetics in general look much more relaxed,

which is just what you are looking for to reduce the intensity of the face.

The Blake Lively always seem a good example in these cases and now you can learn to do them yourself with the advice of your stylist

The importance of a line on the side-WOMAN HAIRSTYLES

We know that if you are used to the central line it is very difficult to remove it.

But we can assure you that it manages to balance the effect and slim down your face instantly if you cut the line on one side. If you also want to wear the fringe aside, it is the only viable option for you.

The wicks that make your face finer

When you go to the hairdresser, ask your stylist to put your wicks lighter lower and darker above.

Right now you have the Balayage wicks   (which, in fact, are now carried like this: in reverse) and have an explanation:

The lighter color draws attention and if you have it stuck to your face,

the first what the eyes will see is the contours of it.

On the other hand, if you place the darker color nearby, they will go unnoticed and you will look finer.

What fringe hits me without a round face?

As we mentioned, there is a fringe for each type of face but in your case, you have it very easy.

The key is to let it be longer on both sides and cut it a bit more right in the center.

Also, forget about getting a perfect and polished straight line, you need the opposite: a fringe type imperfect and asymmetrical.

The star hairstyle for round face-WOMAN HAIRSTYLES

We have no doubt: what is the favorite hairstyle of the stars on the red carpet and the most coveted in the street style is the most flattering. The top bun is synonymous with verticality,

which is exactly what you want if you want to thin your face.

In addition, it is one of the easy hairstyles that we teach you to do as a true celebrity.