Trendy Short Bangs Hairstyles For Women’s 2018

Trendy Short Bangs Hairstyles For Women’s 2018

Short Bangs Hairstyles, Among all the variety of species of bangs, short bangs hairstyles stand a little apart. It is certainly in demand and popular, it sets a certain style and image, transforms and attracts views, but at the same time, it requires special attention and experienced hands of the master since it is not ideal for everyone.

Latest Trendy Short Bangs Hairstyles For Women’s – Short Bangs

Short Bangs Hairstyles

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Who will suit?

Before you start experimenting with a short bang, evaluate your external data and the structure of the hair in the mirror. If you have straight hair and you plan a Short Bangs Hairstyles, then the option of a short bang is very good.

However, it is also necessary to take into account other aspects: the shape of your face, the features of its features, proportionality and the presence of any faults that emphasize yourself.


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Short are considered bangs, which do not extend along the length to the middle of the forehead. They look good on an oval, slightly elongated, heart-shaped or square face.

In this case, the person should not have a wide forehead line, large accents, for example, a large nose, prominent cheekbones, large cheeks or prominent chin. Natural data should be proportional and fairly bright.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of quality make-up. The bangs will open the forehead and create a frame for the face, so the skin should look even and healthy.

Applying various techniques and methods of forming a short bang, a knowledgeable stylist can easily correct some defects in appearance and smooth out disproportions.

This is made possible by torn lines, graduation, asymmetry and thinning of the tips of the hair. In this case, a short fringe becomes more accessible to a wider range of female and male audiences.

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Short bang with straight cut 2018

A short fringe with a straight cut will look great on classic haircuts and dark hair. More often than not, stylists form such a bang on the cuts of a square, a bean, a page or a season.

These hairstyles are classified as the middle.

This length for straight short bangs is the most suitable since it allows you to keep the proportions, despite the strict limits in which the face turns out.

In short haircuts, a straight short bang is rarely used. On long haircuts, the stylist tries and at all to leave from a direct cut.

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Short bangs with an arched cut 2018

It is considered a softer and more democratic variant of a strict straight cut of a short bang. Allows smoothing of hard boundaries, helping in the formation of a harmonious oval and widening the variants of the haircuts combined with it.

Arched bangs can be used even in some long haircuts if the shape of the face will allow. In this case, bangs are trying to withdraw almost from the crown.

But most often the arched bangs meet in the square, the bean, seasons on, the French haircuts and the haircut of the hat.

The arch can be slightly noticeable or significant. The ends of the bangs stylist slightly masks and rounds inside.

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Graduated Short Bangs Hairstyles

Graduated short bangs, as a rule, appear in the haircut in case of need to support the general idea of the hairstyle or to form a volume in the region of the top of the head.

Graduating involves creating layers. Most effectively, such bangs look like short haircuts.

The hairline of a graduated bang is rarely straight and even. Most often, the stylish forms tore tips or feathers, masks strands and make the bangs airy and light.

Thus, the top of the head and the bangs are slightly raised, harmoniously merging into the haircut, without accentuating the increased attention.

Trendy Short Bangs Hairstyles For Women's 2018 5

Torn short bangs

Ragged short bangs are considered one of the most popular species of this type of bang. The ragged effect can be expressed in the form of a blunt cut of hair or sharp feathers. Such bangs look bold and bold, give the flirtatious appearance and allow you to more easily simulate proportions. Mostly torn short bangs can be found on short hairstyles or medium hairstyles. They are often subjected to additional marking – this will create volume and fact in the hair.

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Beveled short bangs

The beveled short fringe is used by craftsmen to create a variety of haircuts: from short to long. Uneven section of the bangs in one direction or another helps to form the necessary proportions and add interesting accents to the haircut. The bevel can be smooth and smooth or have a blunt cut and torn tips. The bangs are created with a side parting. Often, the stylist does a graduation and displays a beveled bang almost from the top of his head. This method allows you to achieve dynamics and volume in the hair.

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Asymmetrical short bangs

A cheeky, catchy, youthful asymmetrical bang is characteristic for short or medium haircuts. It is cut out taking into account the basic idea of the whole hairstyle, the strands acquire an uneven cut, the alternation of sharp long feathers and blunt tips. Asymmetry implies a mix of several varieties of short bangs. Chaotic, negligent and combating stereotypes are permissible. Such a bang can be additionally painted in bright shades, focus on the tips or individual strands. If the stylist uses light asymmetrical accents, the bangs can turn out to be calm and not too flashy, which makes it possible to use it also in rather conservative haircuts.

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Stacking of short bangs

There are many ways to beautifully and stylishly lay a short bang. We suggest you use the tips below:

Trendy Short Bangs Hairstyles For Women's 2018 9

  • Styling with ironing. This method allows forming a smooth and smooth line of a short bang. Suitable for classic straight haircuts.
  • Freestyling. It is created by a hair dryer and a comb. Hair is dried and stacked with a slight effect of confusion. It looks great on torn, oblique, asymmetrical short cheeks.
  • Stacking with accessories. Bezel and barrettes will help to make a hairdo even with short bangs. In this case, however, you can not do without a gel or foam that will help fix the curls in the right position.
  • Styling in retro style. Retro stacking is created using gel and various hair accessories. Locks are laid on the side in a smooth and smooth hairstyle, fixed with invisible or wide rims, sometimes combed up and intercepted with tape.

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