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Trendy pixie bob haircuts 2018-2019, don’t miss them!

Trendy pixie bob haircuts 2018-2019, don’t miss them!

Pixie cuts will be in fashion for many years, so we want to opt the latest ideas of pixies haircut with which you can choose to get a new and fresh look. Trendy pixie bob haircuts 2018-2019, don’t miss them!
When you think of pixie cut, it is likely that super short haircuts come to your mind first. Nowadays pixie cuts are so versatile that any woman can find the perfect style for her. 

The longest pixie hairstyle is one of the shortcuts most common among women. It is very easy to comb and suitable for any type of hair and face shape. If you have curly hair and the briar-shaped face can go with asymmetrical pixie cuts. 

Pixie cuts with bangs also very popular, young women sport Long pixies with undercut style You can design your pixie combed backward or with a nice headband for special occasions.

Messy and header The styles are also very modern and you can easily create disordered looks with longer elves. Now let’s review these beautiful short ideas for hairstyles together,

  • Beautiful blonde short bob haircuts

This season, within the trend for short hair, we highlight the most attractive haircuts. 

The cuts pixie, continue to be a trend, are very versatile haircuts because they are haircuts that can be worn in different ways,

but always respecting the basic cut that consists of the neck and the sides are short.

This style is very attractive and suitable for this cute face.

  • Simple bob haircut-thick hair-Trendy pixie bob haircuts 2018-2019

  •  Side-swept hairstyles with straight bangs

A nice-crazy style haircut, with asymmetrical bangs, maybe it’s a very masculine haircut, but that in women creates a totally opposite image, very feminine and radical.

  • Crazy-cool haircuts shaved sided with long bangs

Another example for this haircut is to use two colors on the hair, one natural on the shorter sides, the sides, and another color in contrast for the longer part of the hair, which in this case would be the upper part.

Now, see these different examples for pixie bob hairstyles

Another option, which is the most popular, is the short straight bob cut, with this cut we will give free and natural shape to our hair. The fringe element is another trend in this cut and you can wear it smooth or curly depending on the contrast you want to give the look.

Trendy pixie bob haircuts 2018-2019

They are haircuts that feel very good with short hair, although this year has also been transferred to the hair stockings. It is very sexy haircuts and adapts to the feminine characteristics.

Trendy pixie bob haircuts 2018-2019

  • Trendy pixie bob haircuts 2018-2019

It is a haircut that is ideal for women with a thin and long face, who do not have much time to maintain and comb a long hair. Join this trend that will have even more popularity in the Fall-Winter 2018 – 2019.


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