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Trendy Men’s Popular Haircuts -Short on Sides Long

Trendy Men’s Popular Haircuts -Short on Sides


10 ways that to wear the most Trendy Men’s Popular Haircuts of the season.

If you’re one in every of those guys United Nations agency is aware of your barber by name and asks for “the regular” when you stop in, likelihood is you’re most likely prepared for a modification.

Short on sides long on high haircuts are all the Trendy Men’s Popular Haircuts trends this season. There are many alternative ways that to wear this look and even as some ways to vogue it.

look at our assortment of fifteen fashionable short on sides long on high haircuts for guys to undertake this season:

10+Trendy Trendy Men’s Popular Haircuts – Top styles

Tousled Curls

Styling this haircut couldn’t be any easier for all you curly-haired guys out there. merely run your fingers through your curls and go.


Spiked Up

Spike the longer portion of your haircut up and removed from your face to attain this gravity-defying vogue.

Brushed Together

Brush all the long hair on high to the middle of your head for punk-inspired look.

Laid-back Texture

Play up the feel in your hair with this mellow texture. Let your hair dry naturally once your shower, run your fingers through your vogue and wear this mellow vogue with ease.


Wear your curls natural and prefer a fade haircut to indicate them off au fait prime.


Grab a dime-sized quantity of Axe Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade and comb the merchandise through your hair. Slick it straight back to realize this brushed back look.


The weather and also the parts will generally have a negative impact on our strands. Humidity? No, thank you. Crazy amounts of wind? That’s typically a tough no.

Shades of Gray

Slick your strands back and boast your subtle and mature color.

Slicked Down

Trendy Men's Popular Haircuts -Short on Sides Long
Trendy Men’s Popular Haircuts -Short on Sides Long

Slick your hair down right after your shower using a comb.

Wild Curls

Skip the hair product and wear your curls loose and wild. the actual fact that they’re longer on prime and shorter on the edges can keep them somewhat uniform and can create the styling method simple for you.