Trendty Style Bob 2020 For Amazing Fashion Women

Style Bob 2020 Groomed Angle Bob In White Blonde

Style Bob 2020 For Amazing Fashion Women

Style Bob 2020 In complete contrast, this is often a perfectly-groomed hairstyle with a precision cut chin-length bob and an asymmetric touch. The off-centre parting is suitable for faces that are somewhere between oval and round, and therefore the long bangs create an asymmetrical sweep of hair along one side of the face. In platinum-blonde, this style is crisp and crowd pleasing .

White Tips On Messy Blonde Bob With Waves

Style Bob 2020 For Amazing Fashion Women

This lovely medium bob is all about softness and blurred edges to make a fresh New Look . The roots aren’t dark, but a mild honey-blonde that harmonizes perfectly with paler golden-blonde tresses, and pearly white highlights. The loose waves graduated right down to the collar-bone have uneven tips for a blurred outline to a stunning casual look!

Edgy Cool-Blonde With White Balayage

Style Bob 2020 For Amazing Fashion Women

Here’s a classy angled bob with extreme asymmetry that contrasts the flowing curves of a side-swept fringe and shorter, rounded back with and long, sharp, tapered tips. The contemporary pale-golden blonde with white balayage suits the model’s warm complexion and this style suits round, oval and heart faces.

Messy Medium-Blonde Angled Bob

Style Bob 2020 For Amazing Fashion Women

Here’s another simple angled style bob haircut for hair with a natural wave, you’ll wear smooth for evening wear or tousled for casual wear. This shade of medium-blonde suits a wider range of skin tones and age-groups than pale, neutral blondes. And blending beige and gold creates fabulous movement and texture!

 Flirty Casual Wavy Bob For Fine Hair

Style Bob 2020 For Amazing Fashion Women



This cute bob is an easy-care daily hairstyle with a trendy color design and relaxed finish.   The center parting accentuates this models oval face and beautiful, ice-blue eye color.  The blonde shades range through warm beige tones to pearl-white, complementing her cool skin tone and creating the illusion of thicker hair.

Trendy White Blonde Straight Bob

Style Bob 2020 For Amazing Fashion Women

By contrast, this style bob for thick, coarse hair projects a high-powered professional image. Pale blonde comes between the strongly contrasting espresso roots and pearly-white highlighting. It must be blown-dry each morning to realize the peak and volume, but aside from that it’s an easy-care bob for all women with more important things to attend to.

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