Trending girls loose braids hairstyles 2018-2019

Trending girls loose braids hairstyles 2018-2019

For girls looking for the best look special hairstyle, they should try loose braids hairstyles, many girls say that braids hair is a classic look, but with this post they will change their idea about the loose braids hairstyles.

When we are waiting for an event or have an appointment. When you have not the time to go to your salon, we always have two doubts: what do I wear? And, how do I comb my hair? For the first doubt, you can click here because we have low-cost guest dresses for all tastes. But for the second, read on. One of our favorite options is this, the crown braid, first because you can do it yourself at home and second because it looks good with all kinds of looks. You just have to make two braids and cross over the head hiding the ends of one below the other.

Trending girls loose braids hairstyles 2018-2019 1

Braids with loose hair

Bringing your hair up (or semi-pulled) with braids does not mean that you have to spend mid-morning in front of a YouTube tutorial. With these hairstyles with braids so easy that we have found on Pinterest, you will not have to invest too much time but you will get the perfect look. With this, for example, you will only have to make a braid in the side locks (if you want it can be root) and join them in the middle.

Sometimes you bored from loose hair but we do not want to give up wearing our loose hair.

That’s why hairstyles like this are born. Begin to braid the fringe of the root and down until you reach just abo

ve the ear and then braid in a normal way (without introducing new locks) until you reach the ends.

Trending girls loose braids hairstyles 2018-2019 2
We all admire this hairstyle because it is a very nice way to give another look to a classic ponytail.

With the wavy hair, take a strand of hair from one of the sides, more or less from the central area, and shake it by the roots.

When you reach the middle, normal braid and crosses the braid by the center of the head.

Collect the rest of your mane in a pigtail, braid included.

Nothing happens if you stay half doing a dramatic braid. It is the time to do something new, try this look.
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Let your hair feels fresh, here they have made a very loose inverted braid.

Put it over your head like a headband and pick up your hair in a semi-closed.

You can add another braid in the part you wear loose if you feel like it.

We love how this braid style because nobody is expected to appear there that way.

You just have to take a lock of the back central part and braid it.

Then make a low ponytail and make sure that the braid is just in the center of the head and that it is clearly visible.girls loose braids hairstyles 2018

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girls loose braids hairstyles 2018

If you think a too classic hairstyle you can always leave

it half and turn it into a ponytail like here.

It looks great look

girls loose braids hairstyles 2018

Why have not you done this hairstyle for a long time? Well, you’re already seeing how easy it is and how good it can be obtained.

girls loose braids hairstyles 2018
A slightly more difficult way of doing the previous hairstyle is to twist the front locks in two parts

and then make the braid.

If you want it to be even more special, make a braid inverted, spike or four-way.

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Boxer buns and the braids

The boxer braids can be reconverted- instead of doing the root classic, we change them for Dutch ones and we also finish them in two low bunches.

Do not be afraid to make combinations of several hairstyles in one.

Here they have started by making the small braids.

Then you have to open over the rubber and go around with the ponytail.

Then, do the same with the middle part of the hair and with the bottom and braid what is left over.

Trending girls loose braids hairstyles 2018-2019 6
The easier look makes yourself a half up the bun and adds the braid on the loose part of your mane.

You can put as many as you want and they will give you a more bohemian look.

Starting from a semi-drawn with two braids, that meet at the back of the head and join in a single braid you can create this original look.

When you have the braid done, roll it over itself and fasten it with forks.

Then, open your capes until you get this beautiful flower.

We think a hairstyle with braids ideal for weddings (whether you get married or if you are a guest).