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Top Hair Care After Braids 2020 For Amazing Hairstyles


Hair Care After Braids 2020 How long do braids last?

 Hair Care After Braids 2020 For Amazing Hairstyles

Hair Care After Braids 2020 braids can last anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks, counting on how well you take care of them. This hairstyle is comparatively low maintenance and straightforward to require care of, but it does begin to seem ‘lived in’ after the 3rd or 4th week, which is when it’s best to get rid of the braids.
Even though it can last up to six weeks (and sometimes longer) it’s never an honest idea to stay it thereon long. this is often because the braids begin to tug on delicate new hair growth, causing damage and breakage at the basis.

Before getting braids, make sure you prep your hair

 Hair Care After Braids 2020 For Amazing Hairstyles

Consider how tight your braids will be

 Hair Care After Braids 2020 For Amazing Hairstyles

The tightness of your braid is a crucial one to think about because it affects the condition of your half and scalp. If your braids are too tight, they will cause discomfort, pain, and permanent damage to your hairline. But on the opposite hand, if your box braids are too loose, they’re more likely to slide off. So how does one find a cheerful medium?
It’s relatively easy to inform if your braids are too tight: if they’re causing a quite mild discomfort once they are being installed, then they’re too tight. It’s okay if there’s a small discomfort initially, but if that feeling shouldn’t persist longer than about two days. If you experience pain, then it’s definitely too tight.
If you’re still uncertain, here is our advice: you ought to rather take the prospect of your braids being slightly too loose because a minimum of it doesn’t damage your hair.

Consider how fast your hair grows

 Hair Care After Braids 2020 For Amazing Hairstyles

This may not be something you’d immediately consider, but how briskly your hair grows affects how long hair care for braids last. If your hair grows super fast (lucky you!) then your braids will get untidy quicker. albeit you opt to stay with the untidiness, we don’t recommend it because that would cause damage. And if your hair grows very slowly that doesn’t mean you ought to keep it on longer than 6 weeks either (maximum) as that would also cause damage.

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