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Top Cute Bob Hairstyles 2020 For Fashion

Cute Bob Hairstyles 2020

Cute Bob hairstyles 2020 : you either love them, otherwise you hate them. Here at Cosmos HQ, we are considerably here for them, and that we say 2020 is that the time to be brave and embrace a super-short hairstyle.

Cute Bob Hairstyles 2020

If the thought of lobbing off the bulk of your locks fills you with dread (dew, we get it), know that there are a tonne of various ways you’ll rock the design , and it doesn’t need to be super short.

Cute Bob Hairstyles 2020

Longer bobs – otherwise referred to as lobs – are a safer thanks to wear the trend, without committing to something scarily short. Whether you’ve got thick hair or fine, straight or curly, we’ve rounded up all the celebrity inspiration you will need to seek out to brave the bob once and for all.

Bob Hairstyles 2020

Cute Bob Hairstyles 2020
But do yourself a favor and watch this Instagram video of her mane in motion – the body and movement during this short bob is testament to only how calm looks when thick hair is chopped short.
We love the feel her highlights give this look too Mendez also mentioned during a repast of the video that the new style is making ‘mom life’ easier. Sorry, but who gave her permission to be literally the good mom in existence?
Cute Bob Hairstyles 2020
Spoiler: Ashley Benson has actually had extensions for just about everything of her life, something she admitted after going for the chop earlier this year. this is often actually the second time she’s gone short – the primary time around she opted for a cool shoulder grazing lob.
Now, she’s taken it even shorter and in our opinion, has never looked better. Slay, Ashley.
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