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Top braids hairstyles, magnificent look for short hair

Top braids hairstyles, magnificent look for short hair

The best short hairstyles with braids for short hair are these from this site, Top braids hairstyles, magnificent look for short hair

Do you have short hair? It is the time to let your fairs out of your head . we have found a lot of braids hairstyles -hairstyles for short hair in which you can wear them.

The braids are also for short hair

Who said you cannot wear braids with your short hair? We show you that you can. From the average mane to the pixie, we can all have braids.


one-side braided colored short hair

If you have a structured bob cut, like this, you can make a braid that starts at the root of one of the sides and then becomes loose. While having this fresh color.


Wavy-chain short bob hairstyle

We have fallen in love with this way of giving a twist to this wavy braid. It is done the same as the previous one, but adding a mini braid to the equation.

The braided half-crown for short hair

Do you like the crown of braids, but your hair is not long enough? You can try this half crown. You just have to make two braids and join them in the center combining the ends of both.


Short Boxer braids

Who said that boxer braids are only for long hair? We love them as they are in short melenitas like this one.


Simple hair ideas-braids hairstyles

Take two finite strands from the sides and tread them. Now, take a wider section of hair, but from the same area and each side, and join them halfway behind the head. Turn them once for the hole that has been left. Retake another section on each side and do the same. Repeat one more time.


Braids for the bob with bangs

braids hairstylesAnother option for bob cuts, that of picking up only the bangs area is also very easy to do. With a lateral stripe, take the closest tufts and start to twist by the roots, but introducing new strands only from the front. When you reach the area of the ear, place a gummie and leave the rest loose.


Adding accessories for the new look

Surely from time, to time you get semi-picked and you hold the hair with a simple clip, a nice pin or hairpins. Add a pair of braids on each side and you will get a renewed look of the most flattering. It is an ideal hairstyle to go as a guest to a wedding or even for the bride!


Stylish front braids-braids hairstyles

braids hairstyles

How about this simple braids, choose one of the sides (or in both if you have the line in the middle) make a German braid and leave the hair loose. If you want, you can give a little more movement to the hair with undone waves. You will take a few years off!


Crazy-simple braids  with simple fabric

Making a party party when you have short hair is easier than you think. Take a strip of “festive” fabric, like the one in the image, and incorporate it into a braid of French roots. You will opt this festival look.


Braids and the straight bob

Do you think that in bob cuts you can not wear braids? Look how well are the root on one side. With two is more than enough.


Waterfall braids for the short blonde

This type of braid can be made with any length of hair, although it is especially good in medium lengths because they are adding strands (as if it were a root braid), but releasing them at each turn. Do it on both sides and join the two braids in the middle, trying not to be noticed.


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