Top 2020 korean female hairstyle for fashion

2020 korean female hairstyle for TOPKNOT

2020 korean female hairstyle for fashion

One of Korean female go-to style is that the topknot, also referred to as the messy bun, Think an updated version of the old-school pusod.

rather than having it at the rear of your head, it’s strategically placed on top with a couple of loose strands cascading around your face ,This style is straightforward to try to to and excellent for those hot, summery days–or when you’re during a rush or simply slightly tinatamad.

How to do it: Gather your hair during a bun on top of your head , Tie it with a skinny ponytail holder and secure it with a few of hairpins. Strategically loosen a couple of strands for that effortlessly beautiful look.


2020 korean female hairstyle for fashion

If you’ve got short or chin-length hair, you’ll still add some K-style flair to your look, It all boils right down to volume and framing.

have you ever ever noticed that the hairstyles of your favorite Korean actresses always frame their faces perfectly? ,This look is ideal for softening a square jawline or a round face.

How to do it: Use a round brush and hairdryer to style and add volume to your hair and bangs. do that together with your hair flipped the wrong way up . With this system , the roots of the hair are automatically lifted from the scalp,giving your 2020 korean female hairstyle more volume.


2020 korean female hairstyle for fashion


Bobs and lobs (long bobs) could be in immediately , but the long-haired ladies of K-dramas sure make us want to grow out our hair again.

Long, wavy hair is formed even more romantic with wispy bangs framing the face.If you have already got long hairstyle and don’t want to risk getting a haircut, or are getting to grow it out, this one is for you.

How to do it: With a curling wand or rollers, curl your hair into loose waves. Then, iron your bangs with a hair iron. you’ll pin the locks closest to your face behind your ears or on the side of your head with cute barrettes for a more polished look.


2020 korean female hairstyle for fashion

Korean  actresses seem to possess a knack to form even the foremost low-maintenance haircut look stylish and stylish . Take this shoulder-length hairstyle, for instance .

It’s parted slightly off, center with just a touch of a wave for volume .

How to do it: Part your freshly washed hair off-center and comb it to get rid of any tangles. While it’s still damp, twist half your hair faraway from your face and pin or secure it on the side. After a couple of hours, or when the korean hairstyle is dry, shake it loose.


2020 korean female hairstyle for fashion

If the thought of getting full bangs scare you, choose side-swept bangs.
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