Top 10 Haircuts For 2018 – Celebrity Hairstyles

Top 10 Haircuts For 2018 - Celebrity Hairstyles 1
Rapunzel Locks 2018
Call it what you want: Cher hair, Rapunzel locks, hair that ne’er ends — dramatically long locks area unit undoubtedly associate degree “it” vogue for 2018. What makes this vogue stand out may be a center half and super straight and glossy locks with only a few (if any) layers. It conjointly has blunt, razored ends that keep it wanting trendy and contemporary, versus overgrown.

Style it: “Prep the hair with a smoothing cream that conjointly features a heat protection and use rat tail comb to offer position half,” said Kim. Next, slowly blow dry with a spherical or flat brush and follow up with a flat iron. finally end up with a light-weight oil to seal the ends, like Living Proof’s No curl wholesome Oil ($48). On days 2, three, four, and beyond, spritz dry shampoo at the foundation, dry conditioner (or oil) on the ends, and use a straightening brush.

Who it works for: This haircut is elongating for the face, therefore it works particularly well with spherical and sq. shapes. If you don’t have plenty of hair, pick temporary or permanent extensions!

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