Top 10 Haircuts For 2018 – Celebrity Hairstyles

Top 10 Haircuts For 2018 - Celebrity Hairstyles 1
Sleek, Asymmetrical Bob Haircut
This is a blunt bob that’s slightly asymmetrical, as it’s longer ahead,” same celebrity stylist Rodney monger, whose consumer list includes Emma Watson and Toni Collette. it’s uniform length and precise, razored ends that need associate degree knowledgeable stylist’s hand.

Style it: “For this super-sleek look, blow dry hair straight employing a drier with a nozzle for directional drying. this can facilitate to seal the cuticle of the hair and avoid curl,” same monger. “Finish with a straightening iron for the additional sleek impact and a light-hold hairspray for hold and shine.” attempt R+Co’s location versatile Hold Hairspray ($42).

Who it works for: “It will work on most hair varieties and face shapes” same monger. simply note that if your hair is curled or rough-textured and you favor this sleek styling, it’ll take some repairs, he noted.

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