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A Bob Cut 2020

Forget bowl cuts or visions of page boy hair. A Bob Cut 2020 Kaia Gerber, Lily James, Saoirse Ronan, Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian (to name a few) have all thrown caution to the wind and lopped their hair from long to short recently. The result? Jaw-skimming styles that feel modern, refreshing and a touch bit sexy. because it goes, peekaboo necks are a classy and sultry thanks to show a touch more skin.
A Bob Cut 2020
No longer one-size-fits-all, bobs are browsing a renaissance. The previous couple of months alone has given us the micro bob, the collarbone bob and therefore the asymmetrical A Bob Cut 2020 which suggests there’s room to experiment and tailor the trend to you, even within an equivalent style.

If you’ve been toying with the thought of chopping off your hair for a short time , now’s the time to travel for it. “It’s all about being brave with length, this year. the design du jour may be a blunt, squared-off bob that finishes above the jaw. It feels so fresh and features a French, youthful vibe. It makes the faithful lob seem safe and suburban,” says Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador for Headmasters Salons.
A Bob Cut 2020
Even so, a replacement crop may be a serious commitment that cannot be easily reversed if it is not quite right. Which is why, if you’re considering getting into for the chop, it’s important to understand exactly what you would like before you get going. Jonathan Soons and Redken UK Ambassador Larry King have offered up a touch advice.

Anyone can pull it off with the proper styling

A Bob Cut 2020
“Anyone can achieve a bob. However, there are definitely styling tricks that suit different face shapes and textures, so it’s important to require all of that into consideration before getting started,” says Larry.

Determine your face shape

A Bob Cut 2020

“If you’ve got a round face, you ought to choose a bob that finishes closer to the collarbone to elongate your face. For those with a heart-shaped face, make your bob super short to intensify the jaw line and cheekbones, and if you’ve got a square face, choose a length that sits below the jaw and break it up with a grown-out fringe,” explains Larry. And if you’ve got an oval-shape face? You’re in luck – you’ll take your pick.

Think about your neck

A Bob Cut 2020
“If you’ve got an extended neck, it opens you up to tons of choice on bob length. However, the shorter your neck, the more classic the bob must be. To avoid making your neck look any shorter, keep your cut jaw-length and above,” says Jonathan.

Consider your hair type

A Bob Cut 2020
For those with thick hair, the danger of your cut turning mushroom-esque is only too real. “If your hair is thick, you would like to stay it longer so as to weigh it down. Ask your stylist to slice through it, but refrain from cutting in layers,” says Larry.

If your hair is thinner and straight, you’re blessed enough to pull-off the coveted 2020 jaw-length blunt cut with ease. Larry warns: “Make sure you retain it all one length, going higher at the nape can look a touch dated.”

Blessed with curls? confirm you sit down together with your hair stylist before you enter for the chop. “Curls are better with layers. Ask your hairdresser to chop your bob wet to dry. this suggests they get the length while it’s wet, but cut within the layers and shape because the curls start to develop because it dries,” advises Larry.

Remember the aftercare

A Bob Cut 2020
“Bobs require tons more blow drying and warmth styling than longer hairstyles do, so swap a conditioner for a nourishing mask to stop strands from drying out. i really like John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Repair Mask, £39, for this,” says Jonathan. On top of warmth styling, you ought to even be prepared to start out investing in dry styling products like powders and texturising sprays so as to stay your bob looking fresh and current.

Want something more specific? inspect the asymmetrical bob, faux bob, collarbone bob, micro bob, curly bob and blunt bob to ascertain which style you wish best.

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