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Happy hairstyles for simple short haircuts 2019


Happy hairstyles for simple short haircuts 2019

HAPPY HAIRS SIMPLE SHORT HAIR- short haircuts 2019

As you know, hair accessories always make a difference! A simple low tail, with the hair, completely collected, loses its monotony if a floral or jewel buckle is used. This hairstyle for straight short hair is also perfect for weddings.

simple short haircuts 2019

simple short haircuts 2019


The well-executed pixie cut is in itself an excellent hairstyle, but if you want to add details then choose the brooches with flowers, especially for a night or a ceremony. Place the flower where you prefer: on the neck, on the bottom, next to it, like a cap, the choice is wide!

In addition, colored hairpins or jewelry with stress, and many small clips scattered in the different strands can create different hairstyles for a very short cut.

simple short haircuts 2019


Great returns are fringes and hair bands, and for women who have short or medium haircuts are indispensable accessories! A simple pickup immediately becomes glamorous with a colored headband, perhaps with satin flowers applied.

A cut with bangs, use bands, handkerchiefs, clips, hairpins, and combs is essential when you like to change but, at the same time, have short or medium hair!

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