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Elegant simple hairstyles 2019 to make the simple look!

Elegant simple hairstyles 2019 to make the simple look!

TUTORIAL OF HAIRS FOR SHORT HAIR-simple hairstyles 2019

Here are two tutorials to make simple hairstyles 2019 by yourself. They are two perfect solutions for when you have little time because it takes less than 3 minutes to do them!

Follow the steps to learn the steps.

simple hairstyles 2019
This idea of hairstyle is even simpler than the previous one and it is very convenient for summer!


If you have straight, wavy, perfect or curly hair does not matter, there are many simple and beautiful ideas of hairstyles for short hair!

It is semi-collected, created to carry tufts of hair gathered to one side in the neck. You can pick them up in the back with hairpins, comb with a braid or simply create torches to fix them with an elastic band. A simple and perfect hairstyle for a ceremony, which is done in a few minutes and without the help of the hairdresser.


How to comb your short hair for a wedding? How to comb the short hair for a ceremony? There are many versatile and elegant ideas, starting with the ringlets gathered from the neck, in a very chic bun. Alternatively, a side braid, a cascade braid or a fishbone braid.

To create these looks you need molds or plates, hairpins, and a good sealing lacquer.

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