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Short pixie haircuts 2019 stylish girls want!

Short pixie haircuts 2019 stylish girls want!

Short pixie haircuts 2019AND SCALED HAIRCUTS, Among the various styles of short hair staggered for 2019, we find the pixie cut that is worn in the front and accented with colorful games that echo the most animal style.

On the other hand, the short haircut structure larger volumes in the lock and on the top of the head in a style to the garcon. Extremely degraded rock style cuts are presented.

The lengths are not structured to allow you to vary the hairstyle.

Short pixie haircuts 2019

Short pixie haircuts 2019


The trend is enriched by very short cuts combined with asymmetric strands that are particularly thin. 

The true inflection point is the color that fades with iridescent effects from platinum to purple.

Among the very short haircuts, we find the rigorous geometries combined with a sharp shave.

 The gothic air of the look is accentuated by the brightness of the white tone.

Finally, the male crest becomes fashionable,

structuring in waves the long closures of the upper part of the head. 

In addition, the female copper dye softens the appearance and enhances it compared to the color of the hair below.


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