If you are thinking of cutting your hair but have not yet decided on any specific look, do not miss the article we have prepared for you in which we tell you the latest trends in haircuts for this Summer 2019. Next the best Proposals for short hairstyles Summer 2019-019.

+10 SHORT HAIRSTYLES SUMMER 2018-2019 For Women

SHORT HAIRSTYLES SUMMER 2018-2019 For Women's 1

Curly Short Haircuts Summer 2018-2019

If you have curly hair and you do not dare with short haircuts, do not worry because we are sure that in these ideas we give you sure that you find the style that goes best with you. All you have to do is look at the shape of your face and also the natural style of your hair.

SHORT HAIRSTYLES SUMMER 2018-2019 For Women's 2

One of the very nice options for curly short hairstyles is to curl only the tips, as you can see in the example of the photograph above. It remains a very natural and simple mane to comb every morning. Although another style that we can also see is to curl only the top part and smooth the ends, although, as we will explain later, this style is better when our hair is wavy and not curly.

For short curly haircuts, we can also dare with the pixie style, as you see in the photograph above. The part that we leave above as the peak of the pixie style is what will remain curly and with a lot of volumes, as you see in the example. To make this curly hair perfect, all you have to do is apply a little foam and then dry with a diffuser. If any hair is disheveled or does not have the position you need, apply some shaping wax and comb to your liking.

SHORT HAIRSTYLES SUMMER 2018-2019 For Women's 3

Finally, short haircuts are also perfect for fully curly hair as you can see in the example above. The more volume they have, the better. To define the curls you can use a gel for it and then dry with a diffuser. Or if you prefer, you can help with curls and then tousle them a bit with your fingers so that more natural curls are left.

Wavy Short Haircuts Summer 2019

If you are looking for wavy short haircuts, here is an idea that we love. It is very easy to wear on a day-to-day basis and it will not take long for you to comb your hair.

For short wavy haircuts, we recommend you leave a slightly longer mane and get away from short haircuts like pixie and garçon because they can create a strange effect in our look. In addition, aside bangs will also be perfect for wavy hair. In the picture above you can see the example that we like the most.

SHORT HAIRSTYLES SUMMER 2018-2019 For Women's 4

Haircuts Short Blond Summer 2018-2019

If you are looking for short blonde haircuts, here we have many ideas for you. If you have decided to get a short haircut, it is best to opt for a light hair color because the dark shades in short hairstyles can give a bigger look. However, short haircuts with light shades give a lot of light to the face and always favor the features a lot because it softens them.

For short blonde haircuts, you can opt for a much shorter style like the one we see in the example of the above photograph, garçon style or even shorter taken to a pixie. These short hairstyles are very flattering and with the blonde color, they feel really good.
However, for short hairstyles, you can also choose a style with more hair, as in the example you see in the photograph above. In addition, in this case, we have opted for a California wick but, by taking the hair so short, the large percentage of hair is blond, so it is very good with respect to our face.

Haircuts Short gray Summer 2019

One of the trends of the season has to do with the gray color in the hair and other close shades such as blond platinum, metallic gray and ash blonde taken to the white. To get your style of gray short haircuts you can choose several options.

The first is to dye the hair of the lightest blond you find and then apply some bleached wicks in gray or ash blond. This technique is used to avoid having to bleach all the hair because afterward, it can be too dry and damaged. However, if we take proper care of the hair and apply the treatments you need, we can preserve its appearance and health and we can dye all the hair gray, platinum or blond ash.
As for short gray haircuts, you can opt for one of the short fashion haircuts: the bob or long bob cut and the pixie cut. Both will be great with this short haircut.