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2018 Prettiest Long Hair Styles & Colors -Exclusive Pic!

2018 Prettiest Long Hair Styles & Colors –

Exclusive Pic!

Open up to a world 2018 (four years’ price, to be exact!) of Prettiest Long Hair Styles & Colors.

When we have a tendency to say that we’ve ne’er met a color we didn’t like, we’re reasonably very serious.

From the brightest blondes to the darkest of browns, to even the foremost outrageous of neons and fringe shades, the embarrassment of Prettiest Long Hair Styles & Colors is specified you’re ne’er left wanting, no matter mood you will be in.

Scroll on below for a comprehensive list (one for every month until 2021!) of our Prettiest Long Hair Styles & Colors —from the classic to the fashionable to the quirky viral—that perpetually manage to show our heads and create U.S.A.screenshot with wild abandon.

48 Prettiest Long Hair Styles & Colors Ideas

Baby Blonde

A pure bright blonde forever appearance crisp and pricey on long locks.

Ash Blonde

Cool and fashionable, it’s not onerous to envision why this well-liked shade is flattering on plenty of skin tones.

Blonde Ombré

We love the clean smudging during this dark-to-light ash blonde.

Beach Blonde

This somewhat rooty version of ash is that the go-to hair color for long hair that’s not massive on rigid upkeeps.


This center between blonde and brown is stylish and versatile.

Champagne Hair Color

This beigey-rose shade has seen a spike in quality in recent years.


A buttery neutral, this blonde neutralizes pink undertones.


A a lot of amber war golden blonde, honey is additionally an excellent selection for neutral undertones.

Golden Blonde

A rich, warm-toned blonde is never not in demand.


This relaxed wheat blonde is another high selection for people who need to sit back on touchups.


The color of pennies and Irishwomen everyplace, and conjointly a gently stunning hue once worn as a single-process.


most definitely high-impact.

White Blonde

About a notch less than noble metal is white blonde, a shade that will feature refined lowlights.


This true superhero red has confidence and an entire depth of color.


A nuanced aphotic violet-red adumbration is somewhat evocative of biker/rock-chic.

Caramel Orange

Sunnier than approved caramel, this adumbration has a hardly added aureate tint.


Sweet and tart at a similar time is that the best approach we will describe this brick/vamp mix.

Orange Red

Like that summer-appropriate lipstick that just brightens up your face anniversary time.

Light Auburn

Not as aggressive as a full-on red, think about this cinnamon shade as brown with some spice.

Strawberry Blonde

A abysmal birthmark albino is agnate to ginger, but with a adumbration of rose gold undertones.

Ash Brown

There’s one thing inherently pure Associate in Nursingd stylish concerning an oaky brown that sort of provides U.S.A. hair envy on every occasion.


There’s nothing artificial concerning this intensely addictive and adulatory shade of true medium brown.


A reddish-beige hair blush ancestor adjoin peaches-and-cream complexions.


While walnut has a acknowledgment agenda that enlivens air-conditioned complexions with a pink/peach undertone.

Café Au Lait

You can additionally add some cream to it base, leading to a lightweight beige-brown hue.


Like chocolate’s hotter first cousin, this hue is especially taking on yellow and olive undertones.

Dark Auburn

A added brownish amber takes any frivolities from red and gives it a moodier quality.


Purists appreciate a straight-up black-brown tho’, and that we respect the intensity that goes into this look.

Brown Ombré

A extremely widespread look, brown ombré entails a delicate gradiation of lengths and ends into a bleached blonde.

Coffee Highlights

Ask your trendy for highlights and lowlights in a very similar heat brown family for this result.


Want a crowd-pleaser? Look no added than the candied ‘n adult address of a coffee brown.


Got a searching for sweet, sultry notes? This multi-faceted heat caramel hue satisfies all of these and additional.


Unlike the fundamental uniform it’s named when, the ash-gray base during this brown makes it a standout foil for pink undertones.

Dark Cherry

Look closely, and you’ll see the violet cast in this chestnut hue.

Jet Black

It’s more durable to lighten than darken hair, thus a pitch black hue is maybe the most important take a look at of color commitment there’s. we are saying wear it with full purpose.

Natural Black

The most common hair color the planet, there’s no disputing the minimalist charm of this stylish shade.


Baby blues and pinks area unitn’t as frail as their names suggest; shades like these are as assured as they’re dainty.


We think each lady ought to attempt pink hair at some purpose in her life—it’s simply that a lot of fun.


#GrannyHair ne’er looked this sexy! (Also a good selection for neutralizing redness.)

Black Ombré

Test your banned with a dark-to-amber ombré.

Black Violet

These attenuate continued hair blush combos are chic with a bit of attitude.


You can acknowledge the 2012 runways for the hair blush trend that started it all.

Purple Ends

A pop of purple worn on pageant waves is pretty widespread once it involves hair color designs for long hair.