Prettiest bridal spring 2019-you will admire!

Prettiest bridal spring 2019-you will admire!

No wedding day complete without the right hair and makeup to finish the look and the attractive dress. And whether you’re newly engaged or have hair and makeup trials on the horizon, all the beautiful inspiration you need was spotted at Bridal Spring 2019- Bridal Fashion.


If there’s one day you’re likely to play it safe with your hairstyle, it’s your wedding day. But the beauty looks featured in the Bridal Spring 2019 collections champion taking a risk. From blurred lips to glitter bombs to faux piercings, these weren’t your typical wedding hair and makeup looks. For all the traditionalists out there, several stylists offered subtler takes on makeup and hair trends, including soft orange eyeshadow, shiny lips, and flower crowns.

 # Elegant hair and attractive dress

Stylish-bridal spring 2019

Attractive-easy look, you have short hair and don’t want to spend a chunk of your wedding budget on a hairstylist? Simply hold back your strands with a stylish headband worn along the crown.

 # Stylish hair with the chic bridal spring 2019

Prettiest bridal spring 2019-you will admire! 1

Attention all winter wedding planners, this is your new Bridal template bridal spring 2019. Despite it being a spring collection, models at Mira Zwillinger looked like they had just stepped in from a snowstorm courtesy of glitter sprinkled throughout their hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

 # Attractive Back braided and straight ponytail

Elegant-chic braided ponies at Berta looked good coming and going. The pair of plaits started at the forehead and ran down the crown until joining together to form a unified pony at the nape of the neck.

 # Smooth makeup and bridal spring 2019

Prettiest bridal spring 2019-you will admire! 2

When you’re willing to wear an edgy dress, the makeup better follows suit. A red blurred lip made it appear we caught the bride right after her first kiss after saying “I do” and the strategically placed shimmering eye makeup really made peepers pop.

 # Blue eyes-elegant makeup and bridal spring 2019

The orange light makeup is still trending and Watters opted to surround models’ eyes in apricot halos for a sunset effect.

 # Sexy bridal spring 2019

Prettiest bridal spring 2019-you will admire! 3

While a mohawk isn’t your typical wedding day ‘do, it sure was a head-turner at Naeem Khan, especially when a veil was attached.

Jenny Packham attractive look -bridal spring 2019

classic and classy wedding style, just cover up your updo with a colorful netted veil attached to a headband. Follow Jenny Packham’s lead and match the veil to your gown’s waistband.

 # Modern-sexy smoky wedding style

Stylish bridal spring 2019

Theia proved a smoky eye can give you special and attractive look for your wedding — as long as it’s paired with soft pink blush and shiny pink lips.