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40 Natural black hairstyles for women in 2017-Wildly Creative

Reasons Natural black Hairstyles Is Better Than Relaxed

1-.Natural black Hairstyles is healthier than relaxed hair.The very chemicals that settle hair causes irremediable damage.

2. Naturally curly’s don’t have to run from the rain.

When you take over your natural curls, you won’t be as worried about frizz. wet is the best thing for your Natural black Hairstyles, Rain and humidity will become your love when you learn to estimate  your curls.

3. let down relaxers will give you a New feeling for your hair.

You  will find the awesome beauty in your Natural black Hairstyles.

4. You can be modern with Natural black Hairstyles. correct or relaxed hair can be bad.

5.natural hair is awesome. Most African American women relax their hair. In a home where conformity is the standard,

wearing Natural black Hairstyles will set you apart. I don’t know too many black women who wear natural hair.

Visitors comments

-This is an interesting hub. I love my treated hair. It is a lot easier to manage than my natural hair. Now, instead of spending three hours trying to make my hair presentable I can wash, treat, and style my hair in an instant.

After spending one and a half days trying to get fine plaits out of my hair and a lot of pain and crying I decided to get a perm and couldn’t be happier.

Getting a perm can be more expensive for some people but I can do almost everything needed for myself so that saves me some money.

My hair is still long, beautiful, full of body and healthy.

Advice from experts

-For people who do not have the time or resources to properly maintain their hair going natural may be best. Some things just do not work with some hair types so many of your points are definitely important.

 If you want to search for other ideas of Hair braided styles, you will need to visit the site, Search for related topics I will find a lot.


40 Natural black hairstyles for women in 2017-With Wildly Creative
40 Natural black hairstyles for women in 2017-With Wildly Creative