Latest-modern short pixie hairstyles, you should try!

Latest-modern short pixie hairstyles, you should try!

Nowadays, modern short pixie hairstyles are so pretty and attractive, without unnecessary excesses. More simplicity and practically the less styling products your hairdresser is going to use, the more fashionable you will look in the coming season. If your length affords to make an updo, it should be rather loose and natural-looking.

Joyful and fresh short pixie hairstyles, you will love♥

The pixie shortcuts are easy to style, they look elegant and modern, so here we have collected them. Latest pixie hairstyles for women that you will love and inspire!
Pixie hairstyle may seem daring, but once you have it, you will see how good it is to show off a pixie hairstyle.
Pixie cuts are so easy to comb and versatile that they look effortlessly modern and elegant. If you have thin, straight hair, you can go with layered pixie styles to add some texture.
Asymmetrical pixie is a perfect choice for women with curly hair. Adding other hair colors, such as pastel color or vibrant hair colors to your pixie is another key to achieving a unique look. supershort cuts pixie It would definitely frame and highlight your face and bone structure.

This short pixie hairstyle is especially suitable if you are having a busy day. Just don`t forget to use attractive, convenient cut and delighted colors with some hairspray to keep your hair on.

Fresh-attractive short pixie haircut

Latest-modern short pixie hairstyles, you should try! 1

Trendy-modern undercut back and sides

Highlighted honey and brown pixie-up hairstyle

Whited modern pixie haircut

Delighted undercut pixie cut with long bangs

Very short pixie black hair to attractive facial features

Simple-blonde hairstyle with bangs

Short pixie hairstyle with long bangs

 Natalie Portman short pixie haircut

One-side modern pixie haircuts

Celebrities modern pixie

Short brown pixie haircut

Two-colored pixie with long bangs


Very short pixie haircuts-trendy

Cute bob pixie haircuts

Attractive sided pixie hair

Undercut one-side- modern short pixie hairstyles