Stylish-modern medium bob hairstyles 2019 for girls

Stylish-modern medium bob hairstyles 2019 for girls♥

The attractive- modern medium bob hairstyles 2019 are extremely trendy, practical and the most femininity hairstyles. They are also elegant, very versatile, seductive and very convenient when it comes to using, as they do not require many styles. You may have noticed that many of the styles that adorn the red carpet these days are combined with a nice set of side fringes. You’re right. Therefore, we have decided to provide you with different types of medium bob hairstyles 2019, with many of the celebrities who use them so you can find your inspiration right here.


Natural inverted- modern medium bob hairstyles 2019

If your hair is smooth and long enough, this look with bangs is the best for you. As you can use a pair of oversized or statement earrings that are so fashionable right now and that truly is the beauty of the ball

Stylish-modern medium bob hairstyles 2019

 Beautiful layered and long inverted bob hair

This stylish beautiful long bob. If you really want to go to the inverted version, it is better to ask your stylist to place it in layers. In this way, you can use your curler to bring the ends to the face. 

 The stylish Dakota Johnson

As she is famous women in her work, also, she is famous for her stylish hair, Dakota Johnson is becoming increasingly attractive with this simple and casual inverted bob. She uses it as a true hipster with very little makeup around plastic black glasses.

Inverted bob for fine hair

Attractive short and cute bob with a set of faint bangs could be the perfect solution if you have fine hair. It does not require much maintenance. All you have to do is straighten it after washing and use a small amount of glossing agent to get a nice finish.

The charming  Shakira

Another attractive women who used to be famous for her inspiring blonde, long hair was the fierce singer Shakira. Today it was because of Mom’s cut, which, of course, means a bob. She also gave up heavy eye makeup.

Elegant Olivia Munn

Another simple celeb women on the big screen who has always remained true to her hair color is the actress Olivia Munn. She loves her bright brunette as much as we love her. Just look how amazing it is with so little makeup and controlled eye makeup.

Taylor Swift and modern medium bob hairstyles 2019

As she is used to be stylish and trendy with her hair, the Taylor Swift style train made a stop at inverted Bob. It made her look very mature and much more elegant than we’re used to seeing.

 Ashley Green &inverted bob 

The star of the most romantic film has very romantic hair. She chooses medium bob hairstyles 2019 to maintain. She opted for nude makeup and a fantastic set of simple but elegant diamond earrings that fit her beautifully.

 The sexy-attractive Rihanna

We always wait to see RiRi’s hairstyle when it is one of the most stylish -attractive celebrities. She has an inverted bob black, asymmetric and feathery black. She used to pair it with huge earrings with hoops.

THE Krysten Ritter & black modern medium bob hairstyles 2019

Her appearance is very natural and attractive, as she is the favorite Hollywood girl in all Gothic glam roles. The charming Krysten Ritter wears a dark midnight-to-the-shoulder inverted bob with choppy baby bangs. His makeup is also up to it.