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Celebrity Hairstyles- Modern 2019 Haircuts For Women With A Lot Of Styles…

Celebrity Hairstyles- Modern 2019 Haircuts For Women With A Lot Of Styles…


Are you thinking of giving yourself a fresh change? Cut your hair to the celebrity and get inspired by any of these 10 modern hairstyles for women with style. Winter 2019 will be very fashionable, go ahead!

The modern haircut you are looking for: half a mane

With summer light years away and a hard year ahead, is there anything better than brightening the cold months with a refreshing change of look? We propose you the 8 most modern haircuts within the trends in haircuts for this winter 2019  (including Hailey Baldwin) for arrases this fall and winter 2019. If the half-length of the model is one of your options favorites, find out beforehand which is the perfect shape for you according to your type of face.

Modern 2019 Haircuts


Half stepped mane

Another option much sought after by   Hollywood celebrities is the kind of half-length Chrissy Teigen wears.

The idea is to move away from polishing and insert layers and tufts at random. In fact, it is one of the tactics to make thin hair look thicker.

Messy bob haircut

It is something like the angled bob cut that has triumphed so much for a few months, only that Anne Hathaway gives emphasis and movement with beautiful seemingly messy waves. Here you can see more hairstyles with waves that wipe out this season.

Modern 2019 Haircuts

Cleopatra haircut

One of the riskiest but elegant, rejuvenating and very modern. 

Taylor Swift is the ambassador for the Cleopatra style haircut that, with bangs and cut completely straight,

is perfect for girls with an oval face. If you have a rather round or square face, you can cut it in the same way but that surpasses the chin.

Pixie cut

We know that it is not a decision that is taken to the bullfighter and that,

if you have never worn it so short, you should apply this rule to know if your short hair will fit.

But yes, the pixie style cut is one of the most demanded in recent years.

Kate Hudson is just one of the many celebrities who has been encouraged with such a drastic change of look and has succeeded.

 Do you throw yourself? Discover before which short haircut is the one that best suits you. 

Female short hair

And if the pixie loves you and frightens you in equal parts, wait to try Zoe Kravitz’s haircut. Normally, it is a very flattering haircut for girls with an oval face or an inverted triangle shape. Demi Moore in Ghost is your inspiration and Zoe’s haircut the drop you needed to finish convincing you. 

Cut to layers

If your problem is excessive volume or hair weighs heavily,

the solution is to give joy with a series of layers. 

In addition, you can trim your fringe to take it as it is worn now: open.

This will keep you having long hair but with a plus of movement and form.

 The hairless and graceless hairs are no longer trend.

She has long hair

But if your devotion is the XL mane and you refuse to cut it (very understandable on the other hand), we have the solution. 

Do not cut long, just give it form.

 Like Demi Moore, long hair acquires more movement and fluidity with simple layers here and there. 

If you have a lot of volumes this is your perfect option to wear the maxi mane that is a trend this year.