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MICRO BOB 2019/2020, If you are a woman who loves some advantage in your look, super-short cuts remain at the top of the trends. While the pompadour and the spikes are large, the gaze is tending towards long, straight explosions that turns around everywhere.

Many of these looks are very similar to an elf, with short layers on the back and along at least one side. The real difference comes in the lead. Keeping super long bangs allows you to stain again, wipe them aside, or drape them over one eye for a mysterious look.

If you have the personality, head to your favorite stylist and see what you can do to refresh your appearance. Do not forget to play with color, because you can never go too bold.MICRO BOB 2019/2020

MICRO BOB 2019/2020

For black hair, trends remain with shorter crops.

You still have the option of going natural looking or with an elegant, relaxed look.

What they have in common is the volume at the top, which can lengthen the face and show a long neck.


Natural hair trends are leaning towards a few inches of hair that is embossed

or braided in a not so perfect afro.

It is a fabulous appearance that is trouble free and is ideal if you are in the mood to embrace the texture of your natural hair.


MICRO BOB 2019/2020

On the most elegant side, a big pixie with lots of layers is hot and super sexy.

You may need to relax your hair to get this look, which means you want to keep it very healthy. However,

this cropped pixie leaves you with less hair to get in.

It can also be adapted to any natural hair texture. Ask your stylist how a pixie can work for you.