Stylish haircuts for medium length hairstyles 2018-2019

Stylish haircuts for medium length hairstyles 2018-2019

Although we are in the middle of summer more than one and already thinking about how he will comb when the next season arrives Fall / Winter 2018-2019. And is that there are many students seasoned among the celebrities that are already wearing collected and styles that we have seen on the catwalks. Stylish haircuts for medium length hairstyles 2018-2019

We advance you and what it will take in September to start preparing the new course.

How to be the star with your simple hairstyle look like celebrities:

Stylish haircuts for medium length hairstyles 2018-2019, you should follow the internet and the stars new haircuts, but with this article, you will not need to do your effort to be trendy and fashionable.

The bob always the most trendy

The bobs will not be missing in the next season Fall / Winter 2018-2019.

They are the wild hairstyle, the lifesaver of many women who see in it a very easy cut to take care of and that always favors.

medium length hairstyles 2018-2019

Ombre- the attractive color in the 2018-2019 season

The ombre or mixture of dark brown and light brown tones was conceived as a very natural coloration, perfect to bring warmth to the skin.

This season the version is radicalized and the contrast between roots and tips becomes very trendy
If you’re not convinced by an ombre with reds and oranges-Leticia Dolera looks great with her eyes-you can use a more classic ombre with browns.

medium length hairstyles 2018-2019

Melena Midi, and the blorange hairstyle

All the hairdressers agree that the midi mane and the blorange color are two safe bets for the new fall/winter season 2018-2019.

In this case, the actress Jessica Chastain wears the hairstyle in its shorter version, almost like a bob, but without being so. The great thing about this proposal is that it is very flattering and practical on a day-to-day basis.

A plus: with the slightly lopsided stripe a few years removed from above.

In addition, the blorange, a coppery tone halfway between blond and orange, is a magnet for light. If your skin is white and you have clear eyes, like Jessica, it is the ideal option to look spectacular.

Stylish haircuts for medium length hairstyles 2018-2019 1

Wavy hairstyles

The new cut of Blanca Sua with along wavy hairstyles will triumph this fall. We had already seen it in shorter versions but without a doubt, this look of the actress is going to take the cake. The keys? XL length, many layers and a beautiful open fringe.

Picked-up with simple bangs

The loose bangs are going to be one of the main trends in this fall/winter season 2018-2019, so adapting your hairstyles and collecting them becomes a priority.

A low bowknot or a ponytail win whole when worn with the bangs framing the face.

The effect, yes, changes a lot depending on how long you have hair. Here you can see the trends in haircuts for this fall depending on the length of your hair.

Stylish haircuts for medium length hairstyles 2018-2019 2

Sexy look with low ponytail

There is the low ponytail with all the hair back, and with a return of hair covering the rubber, as Karlie Kloss wore it.

A super elegant hairstyle and very easy to do if you have straight hair, if you have curly hair you will need irons.

To achieve this you can spray the brush beforehand with lacquer (you will avoid any curling conatus).

Or resort to the wet or wet effect (with wax or gel), which will not be missing this autumn. In this last case, better for a night look.

Flipside  highlighted Hair

It is one of our favorite resources for those and it seems that it will be a trend next season. Easier impossible.

Stylish haircuts for medium length hairstyles 2018-2019 3

High chignon bun

The low ones are taken, yes, but also the high ones. medium length hairstyles 2018-2019

The maxim is the same: either very polished or with a disheveled effect and bangs framing the face.

Elegant marked waves

The Old Hollywood waves, well marked and with volume in the line,

so if you have an important event do not hesitate and copy the look of Sara Sampaio

Stylish haircuts for medium length hairstyles 2018-2019 4

Pixies- with bangs-medium length hairstyles 2018-2019

We do not forget one of the most beautiful hairstyles.

The Pixies will be a safe bet but they do not get rid of the long fringes like this one that

Ruby Rose wears and that give a lot of play when it comes to combing.

The most attractive and searched look

They have worn with wicks more golden clarity or a much warmer bronze tone, like these that Nieves Alvarez has.

Stylish haircuts for medium length hairstyles 2018-2019 5

Stylish colored hair

The dirty blonde that has conquered Emilia Clarke in recent months will become very fashionable next fall.

And that air trashed will be the most sought after by many when it comes to updating your long haircut.