Trendy hairstyles for girls, the medium-length easy hairstyles 2019

Trendy hairstyles for girls, the medium-length easy hairstyles 2019

Let,s talk about easy hairstyles for girls, the medium-length easy hairstyles 2019 is the most trendy hairstyles. This haircut is very popular because it is easy to style and fits most women, regardless of their appearance and the texture of their hair.

Let’s say it right now: our love affair with the lob continues this year, so this cup will be difficult to dethrone. But if you want to change your mind, here are other ideas for haircuts, colors and trendy hairstyles for 2018-2019.

  • Elegant easy hairstyle-messy ponytail

If you do not have a lot of time to interest with your hair in the morning, this hairstyle is perfect! Instead of having to comb and then straighten the ponytail perfectly so that no hair sticks out, you simply tie the hair as it is.

  • Whited-Gray hairstyle- medium-length easy hairstyles 2019

    medium-length easy hairstyles 2019

After the profusion of multicolored hair in recent years, the 2018 color trend is rather minimalist. We will see a lot of hair completely discolored, as well as “gray heads” even on young women!

The gray and white used to reproduce this trend arenot exactly the same as natural hair colors, however; the colorations are very bright, pale, silvery, shimmering and uniform.

  • Attractive natural curly hairstyle

Will the magnificent Solange eclipse her famous sister Beyoncé this year? Unlike the latter, Solange has always worn her naturally curly hair.

And after the wave of hair relaxers, this will probably be a major women’s hair trend this year for girls of all ethnic origins.

  • Blonde stylish hair with simple accessory


Another trend of the 90’s that we had not seen coming back! Instead of attaching the ponytail or bun with a regular elastic, we use just a simple accessory to rope it! The look is more relaxed and the hair is less drawn.

Tips for not seeming to come out of a time capsule: the scrunchie (often also called “darling”) shouldn’t be too big, nor too conspicuous (metal textures and patterns too big are to be avoided).

  • Simple-beautiful long braid-medium-length easy hairstyles 2019


In the last years, fashion was very different and beautiful braids. But the 2018-2019 version is much simpler: the braided hairstyle trend for this year is more like the mats of little girls.

The goal is to make a quick hairstyle, not perfectly symmetrical or straight. The mats must not be very tight, unlike the braids of boxers that we saw a lot.

It’s a haircut that is not really a hair in fact: the hair is very short, even to reveal the skull. It is a head that must be borne because it certainly attracts a lot of attention!

But in return, this hair trend saves a lot of time (no drying or styling!), And even to express its creativity/eccentricity.

  •  Cute-simple wet look with fine hair-medium-length easy hairstyles 2019

The “wet look” At the time, this style of hairdressing was done with perfectly smooth hair, but the 2018 version rather offers hair dried in the open air, so with their waves and their natural texture.

To recreate the look of wet hair with products, you can wet the hair with a spray bottle filled with water, then apply a sculpting cream and place the hair.

  • Attractive long hair with a cute accessory 

    medium-length easy hairstyles 2019

We all happy to see the return of several types of hair accessories, which had been left behind lately: hair clips, small jewels inserted in the hair, floral accents, headbands, etc.

These accessories are perfect for girls who want to emphasize their hairstyles, the time of a release or a special occasion for example, but who also want it to be easy and fast.


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