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15 Lovely wedding braided-twisted hairstyles!

15 Lovely wedding braided-twisted hairstyles!

For girls waiting their most important day style, just check the post. You find a fantastic collection of braided hairstyles for different types of hair, suitable for every girl style.15 Lovely wedding braided-twisted hairstyles!

  • Simple-stylish twisted hairstyle

 Lovely wedding braided-twisted hairstyles!
The twists are swept to the side to create an innocent-looking off-center style that complements a variety of face shapes.

This is the perfect look for those ladies who wish to incorporate extensions and wear a long-lasting style.

  • Braided crown, and half-up and half-down

This stylish braid shows the cut of the dress, the bouffant gives height,

and the bangs are optional but here they do look charming.

When choosing the best bridal hairstyle, coordinate it with your dress,

then it will really be the most flattering for you!

  • Accessory hairpiece with attractive braided long hair

A crown braid becomes more exciting

when it’s decorated with an elegant hair band. A bouffant won’t hurt either.

It’s something that instantly makes your hairstyle more meaningful.

  • Very simple twisted hairstyle

Some brides prefer to wear their hair down,

while others are in love with half up half down wedding hairstyles.

Those falling into the second camp will surely be inspired by this dazzling twisted updo.

It’s a lovely option that may complement the twisted design of the lace covering your shoulders.

  • Braided crown for black hair

wedding braided-twisted hairstyles
Half up half down wedding hairstyles like this one are perfect for a simple bride.

A sweet braid wrapped like a headband offers a feminine touch along with lovely waves

flowing freely over the shoulders.

It would complement a lace gown perfectly.

  • Messy-brides for wavy thick hair

This style is simple and so stunning…

hair is pulled off of the face to let your lovely features take center stage.

Curls are combined with a braid, and a barrette is tucked to the side, giving an extra oomph to this bridal look.

  • Braided crown for ashy-blonde  wavy hair

Got ombre tones or highlights?

Show them off with a braided, curly half updo like this one here.

This style is both interesting and stunning,

especially when paired with a fun color solution.

  •  Classic half up half down wedding hairstyles

wedding braided-twisted hairstyles
Classic-chic half up half down wedding hairstyles like this one offers a simple and charming look.

You could even add a tiara to this style to enhance the interest both in the front and back.

  • Elegant-two braids-wedding braided-twisted hairstyles

This just has to be one of the sweetest braided hairstyles ever.

How sweet and delicate – this one is a sure-fire favorite!

  • Double-braided for long hair-wedding braided-twisted hairstyles

Having your locks straightened and braided is a great idea

for those who like to see their wedding hairstyles down.

Adding a few waves give the look some beautiful texture for long hair down the back.

What a pretty bride you are going to be!

  • Simple-buns for short hair with a crown accessory

A typical solution for half up hairstyles

is to pin the front locks at the back with a cute hairpiece as a charming look.

  • Stylish one braid with flowers-wedding braided-twisted hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are very elegant and simple looks.

That’s why braids have always been very welcome in wedding hairstyles.

This  simple hairstyle reminds a low pony in its silhouette,

but it looks more sophisticated thanks to the headband braid and intersecting locks at the nape.

Besides, we can’t help admiring its gorgeous messy feel of lively locks,

free of any styling products.

The cute field flowers are the sweetest compliment, indeed.


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