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Lovely Korean Short Hairstyle 2020 For Teens


Korean Short Hairstyle 2020

Some may say that short hair has been one among the dark horses of this year in terms of trends, but honestly, we quite saw this coming. After years of super long extensions, over-the-top blowouts and waves and curls as far because the eye can see, it had been certainly clock time for a palette refresh.

Korean Short Hairstyle 2020

We first flirted with the concept with some bangs, where we were ready to fiddle with length without really sacrificing all that much. Then came that now-ubiquitous messy L.A. lob. Then came the ’90s redux—a wispy, staticky fringe, minimal layers—and then here we are, in blunt bob central. And you’ll believe that South Koreans, being the lightning-quick trend-adapters they’re , were definitely one among the primary on this retro-charming bob train.

1. ’90s Bob

Korean Short Hairstyle 2020

This charmingly simple, low-key bob features ends that are just slightly layered for an undercurve.

2. Asymmetrical

Korean Short Hairstyle 2020

A bob where one side is marginally longer than the opposite is right for those flattering, tilted-angle “selcas,” a.k.a. Korean selfies.

3. Blunt Bob

Korean Short Hairstyle 2020

Another 1990s-issue style, this look features ends that are relatively straight and unlayered—giving rounder faces more heft at the jaw.

4. Bowlcut

Korean Short Hairstyle 2020

Edgy, directional and unironically retro, a bowlcut may be a gender-neutral hairstyle that puts the spotlight on healthy, shiny strands. A serum, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum, helps thereupon shiny gleam.

5. Rose Gold Lob

Korean Short Hairstyle 2020

South Koreans are adept at experimenting with new hair colors and trends. A rose gold lob is one among those Korean short hairstyles 2020 you’ll sport that’s both feminine and still rather before the curve.

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