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Long Pixie Cut 2019 For Teens This Year

Long Pixie Cuts 2019 For Teens This Year

long pixie cut and dry no matter how long the hair, whatever nature; the problem of long pixie cut is increasing due to many factors, including the use of hair dryer frequently.

or when exposed to chemicals heavily or as a result of pollution, in this article we put a set of tips, Recipes for treating damaged hair due to long pixie cuts and dehydration

Causes of long pixie 2019  cut There are many reasons that lead to dry hair, including:

Hypothyroidism: thyroid hormone not produced enough; which causes long pixie cut


The lack of production of thyroid hormone, which causes a decrease in the proportion of calcium in the blood, which is the key pixie cut healthy

Anorexia nervosa, where lead to malnutrition, which in turn causes dry hair and other complications? The scalp does not produce enough oils to help the long pixie hairstyles


The treatment of long pixie hair and dry there are many home recipes for the treatment of long pixie cut and drying, the following are some of them:

the hot oil bath is a hot oil treatment is one of the simplest and most effective ways to treat dry hair, and his way is

Ingredients: Two tablespoons of almond oil.

Two tablespoons of coconut oil. Preparation: All previous ingredients mixed with each other in a bowl, and the mixture heated on the fire, taking care not to heat it high; because this causes damage to the long pixie cuts

Long Pixie Cut

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