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On other occasions we have already talked about the latest trends in hair and as now many women are betting on the average hair or directly on short hair, but I am sure that many of you resist to the fact of getting rid of your hair, so having an account that also for the long hair we find new cuts and hairstyles that will be trend in this year, then in Modaellas, we show you the best Hairstyles and Long Haircuts For Summer 2019


Trends in long haircuts Summer 2019

Few are the news that we have among the cuts and hairstyles for long hair in this summer 2019.

but the certain thing is that if you want a change of “look” for your hair, surely you are going to find one that convinces you among the proposals that then we will see.

and that pass through cuts, those who have a fringe, or those hairstyles in which the waves charge a certain role.

On the other hand, if you are more of straight hair, you are in luck since this 2019 Summer they will wear manes that are long and also very smooth so that a good option will be to bet on the climb.

We can also say that the fringes or the classic stripe in the middle will come back strongly this season of good weather.

so nothing like betting on them.

In the photo above you have a straight bangs hairstyle that actress Zooey Deschanel, which also combines with waves.

Women who bet to get the most out of their hair, should not cut too much so that the best option is that you opt for the aforementioned styles.

or at the most, that you take a cut between a half mane and a long hair.

In this way, the mane by the shoulders will be one of the best options for your hair throughout the Summer season 2019 as it was worn by Charlize Theron actor (photo above) a few years ago.

A hair like this will be one of the great trends of the year. On the other hand, and as I mentioned, it seems that the trend of wearing bangs will again be quite among the long haircuts next year.

Whether you like the straight bangs or bangs on the side, the idea is that you bet on some type and that you look at it from time to time, maybe for big occasions.

Let’s see below what other styles or how to wear the mentioned according to the latest hair trends.

I do not know why the smooth hair is a trend for this summer season 2019 but the truth is that it is, and I would say that the responsibility for having turned into a hairstyle or cut of the most recurrent is the model Carla Delevingne.

which she has been walking all over the catwalks for a long, straight mane that has ended up being imposed.

Needless to say that the hair that she usually wears is natural although we can always resort to the irons

that exist today in the market and that will help us fight the most rebellious hair. Wear the straight hair will be a “must” if you want to wear your hair to the last this next summer 2019.

but if you do not have your hair very smooth or do not want to be all day using the iron does not need to despair.

Hairstyles like this that you see above, with a stripe in the middle and with light waves, are ideal for Summer 2019.

simple hairstyle and also smooth but as you can see, the tips are a bit wavy. On the other hand, very long and very voluminous manes are back in fashion

We know that this type of hairstyle is really nice and we would all like to be able to wear a hair like the one we see in the image above, but the truth is that it requires a lot of care (however much we carry extensions). For this we must be determined and if not, maybe opt for another of the trends for this year 2019 as is the layered mane.

Jessica Biel, sports a long bob haircut, looks it with a stripe in the center and disheveled waves, very surfer waves with clearer means. The bob style follows one more year with us, in all lengths and with all kinds of finishes, whether smooth, wavy or curly. This year remains the trend of hair untidiness that has been with us for a few years now

Latest Long Haircuts For Summer 2019

The asymmetrical manes are the latest trend for this Summer 2019. This year we have seen on the catwalks, a series of cuts in long hair, which have seemed incredible, asymmetric cuts. A haircut that provides glamor to a sophisticated and relaxed look to a more casual look.

Long Haircuts For Summer 2019

Haircuts inspired by the ’70s, where the androgen was a form of expression, the fashion of David Bowie. Cuts that can go from a longer side and weathered in front of a Pierrot cut that stands out in its opposite side, the final touch to this look is put by a thick fringe with a light round cut that covers the eyebrows, enhancing in an incredible way the eyes