Layered Hairstyles With Bangs 2018 For Women

Layered Hairstyles With Bangs 2018 For Women

Layered Hairstyles With Bangs, Are you hesitant about how to wear bangs? Have you seen some options but you are not convinced?

Today he will decide and choose the ideal for you; We know that most women like to wear bangs.

Now in the new millennium, the fringe has taken different styles, straight, blunt, short and long. There are many recognized figures who have come together to wear haircuts with bangs.


The fringe is the accessory that frames all the faces, we will teach you to choose which is the ideal according to your face type.

We will share with you several haircuts with bangs that are a trend this year 2018. Discover the different ideas we have prepared for you.


Haircuts with Bangs

Plucked piquillos

This type of blunt fringe is ideal for those women who have elongated faces and wide foreheads.

also, favor the round faces taking it sideways.

The cuts with which you can accompany this type of bangs are straight, layered and bob.


Straight Bangs

The classic of all fringes, it suits most of the faces, but favors more to the oval, as for the round faces does not favor it much. Straight bangs can be worn in two ways: short and long.


Short Bangs

For women who like to be cooler prefer to wear short bangs, accompanied by a pixie haircut.

The short fringe can be worn in many ways on the side, blunt or diagonal.

The perfect faces for the short fringe are the round ones.


Long Bangs

Suitable for round faces if worn on one side, to do so it is necessary to have a long mane no matter if the hair is curly or smooth.


Bangs open

The open fringe is one of the most we have seen this year 2018, it is about making a straight cut wearing open in the middle like a curtain.

You can combine it with layered hairstyles and it is suggested for elongated and square faces.


Emo Bangs

This type of cut is worn by the youngest, the fringe is essential in this cut. It is usually carried on its side so that the eyes are covered.

Let’s see some images for you to choose yours in case you have an emo cut and want to change it.


The layers always accompany the haircut with emo bangs, like the wicks.



The fringes in v are characterized by having a tip that is aligned with the nasal bridge.

it can be worn with any type of cut; the famous Natalia Oreiro was one of the women who dared to wear this haircut with bangs in v.

It goes with all types of faces. Would you dare to take it?


Layered Hairstyles With Bangs


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