How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018?

How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018?

How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles?It is no surprise that the majority of the trends of nowadays square measure derived from people who square measure being worn by celebrities.

they’re terribly prestigious and thru them, fashion designers square measure ready to act statements and unharness the newest trends, whether or not it’s garments, makeup or in this case, hairstyles.

These celebrities embrace, however, don’t seem to be restricted to Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and R&B’s patrician, the common-or-garden and sweet Alicia Keys.

This summer, I used to be greatly surprised by what number persons were impressed by the R&B singer’s hairstyles.

during this article, we are going to explore a number of the foremost widespread signature Alicia Keys Hairstyles, to find out a lot of and for a few inspiration continue reading below.


Alicia Keys short hairstyles For those folks preferring short hair, take a glance at these:

Alicia is has worn some sleek and funky appearance that you just will copy for work, faculty or simply for fun! in fact, to repeat the short hairstyles of Alicia Keys you initially ought to visit a stylist to form this type of haircut so you would like a comb and toilet article to achieve the sleek-back impact.


How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018?: Natural Alicia Keys Hairstyles

How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018? 1

How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018? 2

I will not misinform you, I actually have noticed that Alicia has been terribly quiet wherever music is bothered recently.

Her silence could be as a result of her being busy preparation up a next Grammy single.

Despite not being the center of attention straight away, her sense of favor keeps her afloat, relevant and within the mouths of the many folks, like me.

She has managed to influence the lots along with her early 2000 hairstyles.

As a result, I actually have determined to put in writing a piece regarding it to convey credit wherever credit is due.

Through her hairstyles, I actually have noticed lots. the quantity one issue that stands out among all my observations, is that she likes to experiment and she or he doesn’t keep regarding it!


How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018? 3

How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018? 4

How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018? 5

Over the years she has rocked braids, cornrows, finger waves, barrel curls, sleek, short, straight designs, bangs etcetera.

If you’ll be able to think about it or perhaps name it then she has in all probability worn it.

what’s even a lot of astonishing is that she appearance smart in essentially everything? Her hairstyles intensify her face all right and once she is well matched by her stylist, everything falls in situ and leaves everybody in awe.

Alicia ne’er disappoints.


How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018? 6

How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018? 7

Somehow, she manages to feature a fragile feel to the hairstyle, even to those that will appear as if it might ne’er be worn off the runway.

She has the gift of constructing complicated hairstyles look sleek and straightforward, particularly at a happening.

Below I actually have captured some of the designs worn by her, particularly her widespread braids. allow us to take a glance at them.



How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018? 8

Alicia Keys’ hairstyle – cornrows once it involves this type of cornrows, the procedure to realize it’s nearly constant a basic kind, the sole distinction is that the pattern.

If you’ve got browse my previous article on Kinky braids hairstyles in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, then you want to be aware of the idea of a way to succeed a cornrow.

If you’ve got not browse it and you’re not versed in a way to, then take a glance at my article joined below to inform yourself of the straightforward steps. The article may be a fast browser with even a lot of inspiration.


How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018? 9

How to do Alicia Keys hairstyles For 2018? 10

Here, Alicia decorated solely a little of her hair and left the rest to flow freely.

Such a method is appropriate for parties, awards, and even casual events. this type of haircut is incredibly simple to try to.

you’ll be able to pack your frizzy hair this manner by gold braid five skinny cornrows on one aspect (does not matter if it’s on the corrector on the left) and draw up your hair with hair clips.



Alicia Keys’ braids The famed star prefers skinny braids and wish to adorn them with totally different shiny things and beads.

These designs don’t seem to be troublesome to make and you’ll be able to raise your friend or stylist to assist you out.

All you would like is time and patience.

This young lady’s hair is impressed by Alicia. it had been very fashionable over the summer and continues to be being worn now!

Some folks like to intensify these braids with hair accessories like beads and rings.

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