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Hairstyles For Medium Long Hair 2018 Women’s

Hairstyles For Medium Long Hair 2018 Women’s

Hairstyles For Medium Long Hair, There are many ways to have a beautiful hairstyle for long hair, having different types of haircuts in layers. Among the types of hairstyles for medium hair is the bob style, which can be very elegant. Most of them can be styled with or without bangs, depending on your face shape. You can even make an impressive fishtail braid or a fashioned one with your hair to the shoulders. Today we bring you beautiful hairstyles for medium hair, I hope you like them:

super basic and simple hairstyles for medium hair

The lob or long bob cut has been in trend for a while now.


Although for this year, the prognosis is that the manes are worn or very long or very short, medium hair can be the transition for either of them.


These ideas of hairstyles are basic for any hair with a medium length and, in addition, super simple and easy to carry.

Side with braid

It looks more complicated than it is. Start by giving your hair a little texture with a few simple waves.


Part your hair sideways and make a braid on the side with less hair and ready

Relaxed chongo

This style is very trendy and is ideal to go to work, comfortable, but without looking messy. In addition, it will make you look fresh and jovial.


Twisted sideways

With your hair split sideways, twist a small lock and secure it with pins.



With the hair split in half, take a strand of each side back and secure it with pins. It looks elegant and even elaborate, but in reality it is super simple.


Chongo altoBut

do not do it with all your hair, but only with the hair that is on your crown.



Take two thin strands of hair and tie them back. Start weaving more strands over them. It will look great.


Advertise it

Take two strands of hair and tie a knot with them. Simply fix each strand with pins and you’re done.


Try using a style every day, and do not suffer more because of your transition hair.


Medium Long Hair 2018 Women’s