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If you are reading this article, you may have just started in the wonderful and frustrating world of HAIRCUTS WOMAN 2019. If your hair is not that of Emily Blunt there are days when it seems that it has a life of its own, maybe you have been forced to wear tape or headband to dislike leaving your house any morning. Do not worry. A lot has happened to us.

The shag of Emily Blunt

During the 70s the shag triumphed, that haircut for all those who do not want to give up a long mane and short hair because it is the intermediate version of them. It has volume thanks to the layers and the texture of the haircut of Emily Blunt you will get it with a spray with salt and drying the hair upside down.


Emma Stone’s anti-aging haircut- HAIRCUTS WOMAN 2019

If you want to take years off your face, you have to cut it off and go to Emma Stone’s haircut a long bob with very long bangs (the most comfortable to keep and look because it does not bother on the face) that the actress It looks with light waves.

The graduated bob of Kendall Jenner

Although Dundas’ orange dress, which Blanca Padilla has also worn, made it very difficult for us to notice, it is Kendall Jenner’s hairstyle that we have achieved. He bet on a degraded bob, slightly longer in front than on the back, and with the uneven tips that will be one of the 2019 haircuts.

The uneven ends of Margot Robbie

Although she looks like a long bob to use, Margot Robbie gives a different touch to the most popular haircut among the famous with slightly uneven cut ends.

Very long and with layers around the face like Romee Strijd

To have a hair as beautiful as that of the Dutch model Romee Strijd you have to have time and patience. Time to go to the hairdresser and sanitize, at least, every two months, and patience to let it grow. The angel of Victoria’s Secret bet on a very long hair with many layers, especially in the area around the face with which it gets framed.

The long bob in key effortless Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero’s haircut is so natural that it does not take much effort to look good. Long hair with a medium length, waves and lots of volumes, its long bob in an effortless key is the hairstyle you will choose as soon as it starts in 2019 and you will keep until the end of summer because it is easy to keep it that beautiful. Help yourself to a diffuser and foam so that the hair can take a body or, if you prefer it when the good weather arrives, let it air dry and apply a spray to create waves