Natural Haircuts 2019-Line-straight long hair !

Natural Haircuts 2019-Line-straight long hair!

Haircuts 2019: all trends for the next fall winter

The end of summer is usually a time of year when we decided to start new routines, new decisions, renew our wardrobe and also change the look. Haircuts 2019 produce many attractive cuts.

There are many trends in hair that we have been seeing for a few months but finally,

have been consolidated which are undoubtedly a clear bet for the next autumn-winter 2019.

If you have not yet decided where you have a

few ideas to choose the cut of hair that you like or that catches your attention for next season. 

Surely many of them have already seen your favorite influencers and actresses, models of the latest fashion catalogs with news and new collections or even on the latest catwalks. Review with us the trends in haircuts that will take place next fall-winter.


Haircuts 2019

The fashion of the long winter haircuts of 2019 goes from the stepped hair to the bangs and marks a return of the line in the center.

In addition, autumnal colors and pop tones are combined with special effects such as printing, but also reflections and balayage.

Let’s discover together all the news about the latest trends of long hair in autumn-winter 2019!


Among the long haircuts scaled for winter 2019, we find first of all the practical and casual style disheveled. The Intermede fold, for example, benefits from a very thin cut, as it improves the different scales.

The long and scaled haircut highlights the color giving it a multidimensionality as in the case of JLD. Saint Algue proposes a V-shaped scale with curls, while JLD again shows how a slight frontal extension frames the face and gives character to straight hair.

Natural Haircuts 2019-Line-straight long hair ! 1

Natural Haircuts 2019-Line-straight long hair ! 2
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