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Hair braided styles are so fun and easy to do-great inspiration

Different Kinds of Hair braided styles and Looks

Hair braided styles have been a popular Hair braided styles for people since the beginning of time. If you have long or medium length hair, then you have probably experimented with braiding before. In days of long ago,

men braided their continued beards as able-bodied as the hair on their head. Today, men and women alike often Hair braided styles to accomplish it attending beautiful and is still abnormally accepted in Jamaica.

Hair braided styles are for everyone from your own school age children to some rising movie stars. Popular Hair braided styles have appeared on Sienna Miller,

The Basic French Braid

This is a picture of the basic french braid which appears to sit on top of the head. A good technique to show off longer hair or give volume to fine or thin hair.

The Crown Braid

This is a account of a acme braid. The aberration produces a braiding like effect and also appears  to sit on top of the head. It is abundant for proms and academic hair styles.

Rasta Braids

Rasta braids actually are lots of fine braids,

Almost consistently constructed hair is alloyed into the accustomed hair from the aerial until at atomic 1 to 2 cm. added than the accustomed hair length.


for men and women. There are several methods of dreadlocking hair.

Fishtail Braids

Fergies fabulous fishtail complect hopefully will animate added fun

The English braid
is the most common type of braid

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  • -Great hairstylishe! I am always looking for great hair tutorials and these were good. I am so glad that Christina Aguilera got rid of the dreadlocks. It really didn’t flatter her much. I wish my hair was as long as Fergie to be able to do fishtail braid.

  • Dreadlocks aren’t braids.

  • Wow, it was a good hub about what woman want to do.

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Hair braided styles are so fun and easy to do-great inspiration
Hair braided styles are so fun and easy to do-great inspiration