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Great Asian Male Hairstyles 2020 Trendy


Asian Male Hairstyles 2020

This is a hairstyle you would possibly have seen around Western college campuses tons and which young Korean men have adopted also – whether or not they are students or not. Complete this Ivy League look with a sweater and glasses.

The Asian Mohawk

Asian Male Hairstyles 2020

This platinum mohawk possesses us all swooning. Of course, it’s not a standard mohawk with gelled spikes, but rather one fit more for the top of the 2010s. one among its modern elements are the shaved sides and back, for instance .

The Seungri Haircut

Asian Male Hairstyles 2020

One of G-Dragon’s explosion bandmates is rapper Seungri. His real name is Lee Seung-Hyun and he’s also an actor and a businessman as he opened and established a restaurant franchise and moved faraway from the entertainment world a touch .Asian Male Hairstyles 2020

Unicorn Asian Men Hairstyle

Asian Male Hairstyles 2020

The unicorn trend has reached Korea also , and we’re so glad it did because this easy messy Asian men haircut was made all the higher for it. there’s nobody correct way of doing unicorn hair so just choose the colours you wish best!

The Lee Byung-hun Haircut

Asian Male Hairstyles 2020

Lee Byung-hun may be a model, singer, and actor. you would possibly recognize him from his portraying “T-1000” in Terminator Genisys or for his role as “Storm Shadow” in G.I. Joe: the increase of Cobra and its sequel. We also admire his style and his short and funky haircut with a choppy and textured longer top.

The Angular Fringe Asian Men Haircut

Asian Male Hairstyles 2020

Keeping on an equivalent note, this is often a brief haircut with a fade on the edges and within the back that’s completed by the long top became a side-swept angular set of bangs. the highest also features a feathery finish thereto .

The Messy Asian Men Haircut

Asian Male Hairstyles 2020

A messy haircut is every guy’s dream. the straightforward reason behind that’s that it requires little or no maintenance and even less styling. Either let it run wild and free (bonus points if it’s textured and layered as well) or take some hair wax between your fingers and apply it loosely.

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