Gorgeous prom down hair 2018 you should try!

Gorgeous prom down hair 2018 you should try!

When you’re heading to date with your prom and you willing to attend with a special look, you want romantic hair. In fact, you want the entire evening to be romantic as hell, right? This braided prom down hair look is a perfect example of a romantic girl. Braids are well known for that romance-tie, as are those curly tendrils left to frame the face. Whatever hairstyle you decide to rock though, remember to do it with confidence. That’s the key to anything these days, and if you don’t have buckets of it, fake it!

What is your opinion about prom down hair?

This modern style gives an edgy finishing touch to any prom look. While this braid also works on long hair, we love it on a bob. You might not have quite as many options with short hair, but sometimes simple really is the best way to go for formal functions. It’s easy and low maintenance.

You could always keep things nice and simple with this elegant and low ponytail. Those face-framing tendrils have been left loose, and the hairband has been hidden from view using a strand of hair wrapped around the ponytail base. Keep things nice and kept-together with a grip or two, add a spritz of hairspray, and you’re pretty much good to go

# Simple-Attractive  low bun hairstyle

This simple and pretty low bun style is just begging for a crown to be placed on top of it, and if you’re in the running for prom queen, you’ll need to know that your hair can take the pace. We can’t help but think it would be a crime if a hairstyle this good didn’t get to wear a crown.

Gorgeous prom down hair 2018 you should try! 1

 # Elegant multi-braided-Pretty low bun style

This braided detail looks great on beachy flat-iron waves for a touch that pulls it together. It looks natural and effortless.
 Cute-attractive braided hairstyle prom down hair

# High braided bun with back braids

This simple topknot gets an instant dose of polish thanks to an upside-down Dutch braid.try this simple and stylish hairstyle. If you wanted a way to wear a bun that was definitely out of the ordinary.
Gorgeous prom down hair 2018 you should try! 2

# Chain braided chignon hairstyle

Do you love the vintage look?  This vintage-inspired homecoming hairstyle! We all know how popular chignons are when it comes to fancy occasions, but you can shake it up a bit by throwing in a quirky chain braid for added uniqueness and dimension. Don’t forget to leave a curled strand loose around the face for that renaissance-innocence we all know and love.
Gorgeous prom down hair 2018 you should try! 3

# Sexy-Attractive prom down hair

When you have a beautiful back to your dress, or you want to show your back off, you need a classic and elegant updo. What do you think about gorgeous prom hairstyles for long hair like this? A fishtail braid has been added to spice things up, and it really allows you to show off those beautiful earrings you bought especially for the occasion. It’s a beautiful look

Gorgeous prom down hair 2018 you should try! 4

# Different and trendy Curls & braided 

The soft and cute romantic style of this hair is the ideal candidate for the woman who loves all things elegance. It has a bit of a bohemian feel, like a look a fairy princess may wear on her wedding night. Her half updo starts off with some loose, voluminous curls that are nothing short of sophisticated while teasing at the crown adds some sexy height. A mix of braids- one large and one miniature sized- ensures there’s dimension to her style before pinning it back. There’s so much to love about this striking style- we have to try this stylish looksGorgeous prom down hair 2018 you should try! 5
Floral-braided curly prom hair down

Gorgeous prom down hair 2018 you should try! 6

Gorgeous prom down hair 2018 you should try! 7

# Twisted-braided up hairstyle to prom down hair

Elegance and feminist is the key to be the star in your prom day, and this look is just the look to enhance that appeal. A halo braid instantly adds softness around the face, while a textured bun in the back adds some feminine body and bounce that pairs well with the accenting braids. Love it!
Gorgeous prom down hair 2018 you should try! 8

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