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These are the most FASHIONABLE 2019 COLORS  and dyes of the season, courtesy of the famous Hollywood. Change your hair color this fall-winter 2019

The five hair colors to try this winter 2019

We updated you about the haircuts that are most worn and the next step is to try one of the trends in dyes 2019.  It is true that dye your hair will not transport you to any tropical island, but can give you movement and color if you have completely flat hair. Take advantage because the trends in hair colors this year are beautiful.

For platinum blondes who think their blonde is too cold, they will want to make it warmer with golden touches. The chestnuts will want to be updated with hazel reflections. Whatever color you want, we have turned to Sharon Dorram(colorist boss in her own beauty salon) to get all the information you need in relation to what you have to ask in the hair.

Visible root

Yes, being too vague to touch up the root is officially a strong winter trend.  Well, actually these ‘black roots’ are better. Dorram says that the roots or shadows like those of Serena Williams and Margot Robbie work very well in both blondes and chestnuts. The key is to make reflections not far from the natural color of your hair , so there is not much contrast with the root. “The boundary between where the root starts and where it ends does not have to be marked, you can get an effect almost like when the kids get the sun and they get blonder,” says Dorram. “The key is to blur gently until you build some reflections that look natural, it may require several sessions.”

Orange Red

In 2019, the color red is the name of one of the most fashionable colors of winter.

The look is perfect for blondes who want to take refuge from bad temperatures with a warmer color.

The only warning is that the hair dyed red goes easier than any other color. 

Dorram recommends using a natural nourishing cream to preserve it.


Cold touches

It may be winter but that does not mean you have to put aside the coldest tones,

at least when it comes to your natural hair color.

The autumn trend remains strong. “The cold tone in Dakota Johson’s chestnut is delicious,

opulent and perfect for winter,” says Dorram.

“The color is achieved by adding small reflections on the tips of the hair, which will make your skin color warmer too.” 

Soft blondes

If you’re a little tired of keeping the blonde platinum (a difficult task where there are),

consider the possibility of changing your cold blond to a warmer one like Jennifer Lopez.

This look is multidimensional because it has the roots of the natural color of the hair while the rest has a baby blond color, “explains Dorram.” It is as creamier, brighter and not monotonous as most blond platinum ” .

Intense chestnut

“Chestnuts like Emily Ratajkowski have a super popular warm hazelnut touch during these winter months,” says Dorram. “When temperatures fall, it is a sign that we must enhance the hair color we carry.” If you want your hair to look brighter and healthier without having to add reflections of any kind, this chestnut tone is your best bet. Dorran suggests using a sulfate-free shampoo to maintain color.