Fantastic hairstyles for curly and short hair 2018

Fantastic hairstyles for curly and short hair&Hircuts

Fantastic hairstyles for curly, We all know that it is very easy to find thousands of hairstyles for long, smooth or semi-wavy hair, but where are the girls with short or curly hair? … Well, brings to you some options that will make You look different, beautiful and stylish.


We hope you put them into practice and make the most of your hair.


  1. Half braid


Make a braid from the top of your head and see gathering strands on each side. When you have reached the end of the hair knot with a rubber band (loop) and hide it with a tuft by rolling it. Hold it with a fork and voila, you have a half braid with part of your curly hair loose down.


Use a thin elastic headband, put it in the shape of a crown and go taking small strands that will go over and in the headband. Do it on the side and side so that at the end they meet halfway and it looks like you have a crown of hair all over your head.


  1. Multiple roles


Take strands from side to side from top to bottom in zigzag and with them make rolls adjusting them with black hairpins. In the end, your hair will be together and beautiful.


  1. Quick turn


Take a lock on each side of your head, roll it and cross it in the opposite direction. Clamped with black clamps and that’s it.


  1. Front side braid


You just have to make a braid with a thick lock on the front of your head. Since you are curly, you will not need to adjust the braid with rubber. Try to open it a little with your fingers so that it is not so fair.


  1. Bouffant headband


Comb and volume the top of your hair, preferably using a plastic comb. Put an elastic band on the front giving prominence to your bulging tuft (toupee). Then, pull half of your hair back and go making small turns with the ends, holding them to the back half of the head with hairpins. Use the thinnest part of your comb (the thin handle) and see loosening your hair so that it does not look so right the hairstyle.


  1. Smart pickup


Separate your fringe from the rest of the hair. Now make a ponytail and, before tying it up, help yourself by pulling small amounts of hair on the top of the back to give it volume. Then turn the pigtail and take it up by doing a slight torsion inwards and hold with forks.


  1. Collected triple elastic


You can make a tall ponytail and adjust the strands to the center of it to give the illusion of being close together. In the end, put on a headband of three rubber bands and separate them a little on your head to make it look more interesting.


  1. Romantic twisted


Use a clip to make curls and pass it through your hair. Then apply some fixing lacquer so that your hairstyle has more consistency. Go taking strands from the middle of your head, take them back and see sujentado with hairpins. Go put your hair together in that way, until everything is collected. Drop a couple of strands to the front and get a romantic look.


  1. Onion in rolls


Make a ponytail on the top of your head. Hold strong. Then take several strands and make each one a double braid (like a screw). Now, gather all the braids by passing them around the central ponytail in such a way that it forms a kind of onion but with more volume.


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