Elegant-practically prom hairstyles for girls 2018

Elegant-practically prom hairstyles for girls 2018

If you’re going for a simple, trendy, or classic look for Prom hairstyles this year – we guarantee you’ll find a hairstyle to match! There are updos for different lengths of hair and each one is more unique than the next.

These braided ideas for prom hairstyles are also perfect for weddings or parties where you need to look a little more put together than usual. From permed to feathered, what the prom hairstyles lacked in style they more than made up for in volume. We now accept it as our personal charge to make sure our loved ones don’t suffer from that forever-documented fate. This prom hairstyle gives every lady what she needs to top off her gorgeous gown and matching corsage. With romantic braids, elegant updos, stylish ponytails, and cascading curls, these prom hairstyles go from taking pictures before the occasion all the way to taking the stage to accept the crown. Prom is a battlefield, let’s admit, but consider these cute prom hair ideas just a piece of the armor.

What is your opinion about these attractive prom hairstyles this season?

prom is one of the most important and trendy hairstyles of your entire life- and certainly, one to remember. Remember this glamorous night with plenty of smiles, laughter, and of course an elegant ‘do to enhance your bright smile. You’ll be sure to wow the crowd with one of these dazzling hairstyles for prom!

1.French-side braided pinned hair

This braid is nothing if not extremely photogenic for prom photos that will last forever. It’ll go with any style dress and stay in place all night. Get the tutorial here at The Beauty Department.

2. One-sided braided sleek bob

This modern style gives an edgy finishing touch to any prom look. You can pair it with an airy romantic gown with a sleek bob hair.

3. Cute-simple ponytail hair

With this simple and attractive hairstyles, you could always keep hair look nice and simple with this elegant and low ponytail. Those face-framing tendrils have still been left loose, and the hairband has been hidden from view using a strand of hair wrapped around the ponytail base. Keep things nice and kept together with a grip or two, add a spritz of hairspray, and you’re pretty much good to go

4. Braided-bun up the bun with black braids

This modern style gives an edgy finishing touch to any prom look. You can pair it with an airy romantic gown with a sleek bob hair

5. Attractive braided with lossy long curls

Long locks hairstyles are the perfect pallet for forming stunning, loose curls that capture utmost sensuality. But to make these loose curls stand out even further, try out some double waterfalls braid which provides not only depth but an extra dose of femininity as well.

Attractive-long curly braided prom hairstyles

6. Attractive-cute  heart braided hairstyles

This braided detail looks great on beachy flat-iron waves for a finishing touch that pulls it together. It looks natural and effortless.

7. Easy-Elegant messy hairstyles

We love this style for medium length hair—it’s not too heavy and adds a bunch of volumes. You can start with your natural hair too, making it quick and easy
Cute-messy prom hairstyles

8.Beautiful and cute upbraided

Beautiful and cute braided. As this braid also works on long hair, we love it on a bob. You might not have quite as many options with short hair, but sometimes simple really is the best way to go for formal functions. It’s easy and low maintenance.

9. Prom hairstyles with sided brides

This half-up style is another great option for short and long-haired ladies alike. Rope braids come together from each side and form a single braid. Get the look and be stylish

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