One of the EASY HAIRSYLES that we learn from our childhood, are the hairstyles with braids but especially in the time that you are a girl and then it evolves according to your preference and personal tastes according to what best suits your face.

It is a hairstyle that looks great in different ways and can be present at events, parties, weddings and birthdays as well as sports activities for its modern style but in turn practical for every woman.


? EASY HAIRSYLES with braids on the side

Side hairstyles with braids are very useful when having neat hair, such as for a graduation, without losing style and elegance.

I will explain with each step how it is done as well as through photos and images you can guide yourself with different hairstyles.

First hairstyle for braid on the side or side:

  1. Take two strands of your hair and start crossing them
  2. Then you take another new strand from the top that goes under and over
  3. You leave it loose and cross the two strands again
  4. you take again a new strand that goes under and over being in the middle and you leave it loose
  5. Now you cross and continue with this proces
  6. There comes a time that you will have to take the strands from the other side of the head so that the braid is crossed
  7. At the end with a small rubber you take both ends to join and do not disassemble the braid

Thick braids on the side that looks very beautiful if you have long hair and can look like it falls on your shoulder

Second hairstyle for braid on the side or side:

    1. Take a strand of one side of your head and divide it into three equal parts and make one of the root braids
    2. Just take tufts from the top leaving a little loose
    3. You add hair and underneath we cross normal
    4. Above we add hair and below normal
    5. Do the same at the first crosses and drop the braid a little
    6. Then normal braids and fasten the braid with a small rubber
Follow the steps to do the best:
  1. The next step is to make another braid but below but this time you have to add hair at the two crosses both as below and above
  2. You cross, add hair and squeeze it to be fixed
  3. Finally you put a small rubber
  4. Then the locks that were loose you give a little shape with a loop or curling iron

Side braids for girls with long, thick hair is neat, beautiful and can be used for adult women for weddings