Here you have a very EASY HAIRSTYLES option, a half up bun , ideal if you have rounded features. Slightly crepe the crown area and collect it in an undone bun, leaving a more pronounced volume at the top. The line in these cases better in the middle.EASY HAIRSTYLES

Do not use irons to comb it, the grace of this hairstyle is that it does not look excessively polished . Apply a medium fixing lacquer to finish.


Dress up your blunt bob with braids

How I like braids … and they are pretty for any occasion. And the blunt bob has the great advantage that being a totally straight and even mane allows us to make braids without problem.

If you make it inverted and open it a little , you will get a super cool three-dimensional effect. Leave loose strands that adorn the contour of the face.

The headband an ideal complement

Many times we are lazy to cut our hair because we believe that later we will not have so many possibilities to change hair. However, this cut gives a lot of play when combing it. 

This blunt bob decorated with a pearl headband is perfect. Remove the sides behind the ear and lift the ends slightly out, remember that in these hairstyles it is important that the hair look very bright and polished.

Blunt bob with curls

This curl look is perfect for the blunt bob, whether you choose to leave your natural curl, as if you decide to make some waves with a curling iron or iron, prepare to succeed this winter.

Natural curls provide a more casual look than if we mark them with a curling iron. Remember to apply in any case a product that helps you define the curl and a serum to finish, which will bring shine and flexibility to the curl.

Perfect pins for a blunt bob

That the clips and pins are rabid today is not a novelty, however, on many occasions we believe that they only serve for long or collected hair. On this occasion, in addition to giving the blunt bob a very chic touch, it can help us control the volumes in those very abundant mane.

If you have a lot of volume or a lot of hair remember that the last thing in straightening is the botanist, which in addition to straightening and reducing the volume will make your hair look much healthier and with a spectacular shine.