Charming-Easy celebration hairstyles medium-length hair

Charming-Easy celebration hairstyles medium-length hair

Celebration events are right the most important event you will attend because of the memory this day will carry, and finding the right hairstyle is almost as important as finding the right dress. Celebration hairstyles medium-length hair can be fun, flirty, simple, and completely glamorous. Whether you’re the celebration queen or working the decoration committee, you’re sure to find the perfect hair idea here!

Formal half-up celebration hairstyles

Show off your beautiful face with this elegant half-up, half-down celebration hairstyle. Created by knotting individual strands together, the result looks effortless, and it’ll definitely photograph well from all angles.

Charming-Easy celebration hairstyles medium-length hair 1

The simple-easy knot

No problem! This simple-stylish knot to this soft hair is easy celebration hairstyles medium-length hair, and you only need hair elastics and bobby pins to create it. Perfect for the bohemian gal, this hairstyle is both simple and romantic.

celebration hairstyles medium-length hair

One side-braids & elegant hairstyle

If you want to braid, step it up a notch with this half-up looped braid. The added steps will make you look like the braid expert you are. This complex hairstyle is perfect for any festival look.

Charming-Easy celebration hairstyles medium-length hair 2

Twisted half-up curly hair

Another simple hairstyle of a half-up, half down celebration hairstyle, this twisted half-updo by The Small Things Blog is perfect for when you want to party with your friends without worrying about your hair getting in your face.

Braided crown and celebration hairstyles medium-length hair

This simple braided-crown hairstyle is perfect for your celebration day if you have thick hair, Treasures & Travels created an easy tutorial anyone can do. Plus, this look will stay in place from pictures on your front lawn to the last dance.

Charming-Easy celebration hairstyles medium-length hair 3

Easy-cool twisted hairstyle

Whether you have fine short or medium-length hair, The Beauty Department has a tutorial for you. A sleek and chic updo, this simple twist is guaranteed to make you look elegant and pulled-together on your big night.

Easy chignon & celebration hairstyles medium-length hair

Beautiful and simple, this easy chignon by Ulrika Elder at Yet Another Beauty Site is perfect for a girl who wants an update on a classic look.

Charming-Easy celebration hairstyles medium-length hair 4

Easy & beautiful updo

Look smart and sophisticated with this classic and classy updo from Anne Sage. Using a spiral bobby pin and a hair elastic, you can elevate your basic bun to a glamorous festival hairstyle for medium hair.

Elegant braided hair-braided headband

This irregular braided headband is perfect for long wavy hair. Uneven three-strand braids combine to create a look that is both soft and romantic. You can pair your braids with either loose waves or straight strands.

Charming-Easy celebration hairstyles medium-length hair 5

Easy fishtail-braided headband

Take the celebration hairstyle with this tutorial. Loose curls are all you need to finish off these boho-chic celebration hairstyles medium-length hair.


A Little bow and loose curly hair

Opt the look and keep it simple with this chic bow by The Small Things Blog, the perfect celebration hairstyles medium-length hair. If you have a lot of layers in your hair, add a few bobby pins and hairspray for stability.

Charming-Easy celebration hairstyles medium-length hair 6

Half-up fishtail braided hairstyles

Fishtails work with any hair no matter how long your hair is, so this festival hairstyle by Yet Another Beauty Site is perfect for the girl who wants a soft, romantic celebration day.

Fishtail celebration hairstyles medium-length hair

Reverse-Crown Braid

Instead of a simple low bun do this stylishly braided crown. Starting from one side of your hair, take one third of your hair and begin braiding. Check out the full tutorial here to create a romantic, springlike look that’s a perfect celebration hairstyle for medium hair.

Charming-Easy celebration hairstyles medium-length hair 7

The sided crown and the loose curly hairstyles. No matter how you do it, a half-crown braid are perfect celebration hairstyles medium-length hair.