Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019,

Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019,

When you are a mom to a cute little girl, it can feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions! Add to that the pressure of dressing her up cute all the time and you really start to lose it. Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019, to amaze your friends and your little girl.

Well, today is your lucky day because I have come to rescue you from all your hairstyling woes! Here, you will find our top picks of the cutest (and easiest!) braids for kids that you can try out on your little princess! Just keep reading…

Two simple braids

Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019, 1

Of course, you know that your daughter is a little princess. Now, show the same to the world by dressing her up simple braids to refresh her hair.

Braids for a cute girl with long hair

When you are looking for hairstyles for school, you can never go wrong with a simple ponytail. Add a bit of delicate prettiness to this practical style by twisting an accent braid around it to fancy things up a bit.

 Natural crown to add beauty to your girl

Braiding your girl’s hair doesn’t mean just tying up her hair in a tight and severe style.

You can experiment with the positioning of the braid to create new looks.

Here’s a half up-half down braided style that she will look absolutely angelic in!

Long braided ponytail hairstyles

Is there anything more exciting to your princess of being chosen to be the flower girl at a wedding? I think not! Here’s a gorgeous flower braid for kids that will go beautifully with her fancy little dress.

Long ponytail -sleek hair

It’s very interesting! how many great hairstyles you can come up with by just playing around with your daughter’s hair!

This cool hairstyle involves an interesting placement of a fishtail accent over your little one’s ponytail.

Perfect for a day of school and activities during the warmer seasons.

Crazy hair with interesting braids

Halloween hairstyles here’s hairstyle idea that would go perfectly with a warrior princess outfit!.

These messy Viking braids look cute and edgy, at the same time.

Classic french braids-Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019

A single French braid is a classic style that you can never go wrong with.

However, it can be quite a boring style for your little one.

Modernize it by accessorizing it with a cutesy bow to complete her fairy princess look

Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019,

How sweet is that cute hairstyle?! Now, add this hairstyle to the mix

and you’ve got the most adorable nautical look on your hands.

All you need is a Dutch braid and a hair bow to achieve this look.

Different braided long ponytail

Thought you’d seen all the kinds of braids you could’ve seen in this lifetime?

Well, think again.

The infinity attractive braid is kind of the hottest trending braid right now.

And for a good reason – it looks so cool! It’s the perfect braid for your daughter if she’s super into sports.

Cool-Cute ponytail-Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019

Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019

Now, here’s a fresh look at the classic braided ponytail style that your little one will absolutely adore.

The fishtail gives it some great texture without being too over the top.

This is one of the best braid hairstyles for kids that will look super cute with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Easy simple braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019,

Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019, 2
These Dorothy inspired braids for girls are perfect for a day at school or even a playdate.

 A new type of braids-Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019

Easy braided hairstyles for girls 2018-2019

I’m sure you all have days when you sleep through the alarm and then rush to get your kid ready for school.

This bubble braided style can be done in the 5 minutes you have left before her school bus arrives!

Different cute braids

Why we all go for just one or two braids when you can go for so many?!

These micro braids will keep her hair all neatly tied up while still looking oh-so-chic.

Long sided accessorized braids hairstyle

Thinking of hairstyles for your daughter during the holiday season can be such a drag when you have a million other things to plan.

So let me take this one thing off your hands by recommending this gorgeous hairstyle for your girl.

Beautifully mixed braids

When you can’t decide which braid to do on your daughter? How about you mix it up and do a bunch of them!

This super simple braid makes good use of French twists, 3 strand braid, and fishtail braid to create a super sweet and relaxed hair look.

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