Different long hair hairstyles 2018-2019 for specialization!

Different long hair hairstyles 2018-2019 for specialization!

We have gone on Pinterest to bring you the most beautiful hairstyles on the Internet. You can do it yourself, ask a friend or just have a look at the gallery, the gallery has different long hair hairstyles 2018-2019 for specialization!. Welcome!

It does not matter if you have a wedding, if you are lacking in ideas to do with your hair or if you have just arrived here because you were looking for inspiration. The hairstyles for long hair that we offer in the gallery can be used for any occasion and you can make them yourself or go with the photo to your hairdresser to do it.

We know that long hair is very nice, but we also know that it is uncomfortable. It takes us longer to dry it, it curls and in the end, we end up carrying it always the same – that raise the hand that does not “pull” always of queue-.

So that you can see each day differently, without having to go through the hairdressing school, we have selected the most beautiful and easy hairstyles for this spring that we have found browsing on Pinterest.long hair hairstyles 2018-2019

Simple-stylish high bun

Long hair is complicated, yes, but it is also super grateful. We bring you many attractive examples for long hairstyles. This little bun that looks like the protagonist of Pretty Little Liars  – it’s called half bun – we love it and although we’ve been seeing it for several seasons now, we still like it. It is comfortable, stylish and super easy to make.

Different long hair hairstyles 2018-2019

Practical low hairstyles-long hair hairstyles 2018-2019

Very attractive and stylish hairstyle, this semi-picked is ideal to go to work. It will not take you more than 5 minutes, promised!

Different long hair hairstyles 2018-2019 for specialization! 1


If you want to give a twist to the classic ponytail, the waffle ponytail is ideal for you.

A super simple hairstyle that will give a sophisticated and modern touch to your look.

Cute ponytail-long hair hairstyles 2018-2019

For those days when your hair doesn’t respect you and you end up pulling pigtails, do it but give it a more chic touch by adding a nice tie or tie.

This particular example will “Frenchify” your look and you will look beautiful.

Different long hair hairstyles 2018-2019

Loose-hair with attractive braids

A simple version of the previous one is to wear loose hair as a crown (make one on each side of the head and join them in the back) with the hair loose.

Before doing anything, prepare your hair with waves undone and ready.

Different long hair hairstyles 2018-2019


A simple braid can become something very chic if you add a handkerchief and you wind it between strands.

Different long hair hairstyles 2018-2019 for specialization! 2

Headband for the attractive look

If the occasion requires it, you can opt for a velvet ribbon and place it as a headband, with a bow on the side.

It looks super nice and results.

Elegant high bun-long hair hairstyles 2018-2019

Of course, if you opt for a high bun, wear it disheveled and avoid at all costs a super-repellent result.

The only thing you will get is to add years.

Different long hair hairstyles 2018-2019 for specialization! 3

Very simple and cute braids

Yes, we have fallen in love very strongly with this collection that mixes braid and the side bun.

With the combination of this blue striped sweater, we find everything even more beautiful.

We see the complication in the matter but if you get it, you will never have seen yourself so beautiful!


Source: www.pinterest.com