Cuty Korean Haircut For Long Hair 2020 For Women

Korean Haircut For Long Hair 2020

Korean Haircut For Long Hair 2020 For Women

Korean Haircut For Long Hair 2020 Ever considered what sets Korean hairstyles aside from all others? Probably not, but here’s the solution anyway: they focus totally on cut and color. Ahead,  Korean Haircut For Long Hair 2020 that prove now and cause you to want to call your stylist:

Soft Waves For Long Hair

Korean Haircut For Long Hair 2020 For Women

Granted, the simplest hairstyle you’ll adopt and adapt immediately. Korean girls do soft, natural waves like no others. Generally center-parted, the hair falls in natural, bouncy waves – perfect for everyday wear. the colors are natural as well: tons of charming medium and lightweight browns, with the occasional black, blonde, and pink. this sort of sentimental wave is perfect for each occasion and is easy to try to also.


Just decide where you would like the part to be, then start curling faraway from the face on all sides of it. Use a home appliance or a straightener for this job. Then put it away and shake out the curls or run your fingers through them – whatever works best for Korean Haircut For Long Hair 2020 type. Don’t hand over until they’re loose enough and appearance naturally wavy. Coat them with a fine mist of hairspray. And last, but not least, be happy to spontaneously switch up your part during the day for a carefree, effortless look.

The Baby Doll

Korean Haircut For Long Hair 2020 For Women

Dreamy, long hair and blunt bangs are the most characteristics of this style. needless to saythe design heavily relies on the superbly kept, clean cut. There usually maybe a center-part involved, but it’s too far behind the complete set of bangs to be noticeable.


The hair isn’t layered and its ends are slightly curled, thus adding to the romantic feeling of this hairstyle. If you would like to offer it a try, consider adding a group of extensions for more volume – it’ll really bring the design to life.


This hairstyle goes perfectly with floral prints and delicate dresses in light colors. And if you’re feeling extra-fancy, add a headscarf on the highest of your head, right where the bangs begin. you would possibly love it even better this manner.

the fashionable Rapunzel

Korean Haircut For Long Hair 2020 For Women

Very long hair has always been fashionable, but when Korean girls work their magic thereon, this style turns into something special. the key ingredient is, yet again, an impeccable cut. Korean hairstyles, especially those for long hair, are seldom layered – all the charm resides within the texture of the hair.

Wavy or pin-straight, with or without bangs, the fashionable Rapunzel’s hair is usually in perfect condition. this is often why special attention must be paid not only to the cut but also to the maintenance.

Use a hair mask once or twice every week to stay the hair in tip-top shape and remember to brush it out slowly and punctiliously before applying it. Also, this may be your new mantra within the shower: condition, condition, condition. Strong, healthy hair alongside that good cut are equally important so as to tug off this look successfully.

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