When you are looking for the best haircut at the same time keep your curly hair on, in this post you will find your favorite hairstyle. SIMPLE CURLY HAIRSTYLES 2019

Low bow with twist
Low bow with a twist-SIMPLE CURLY HAIRSTYLES 2019

Start with the curls of the second day to make sure you have more volume for this style. Separate the hair into 3 sections: two separate sections near the top of the head for kinks, and a back section for the ponytail.

Then, create a low ponytail with the section of the back and fix it with an elastic. Move to the upper sections and rotate the first section while taking small amounts of hair in the twist. Turn until you reach the top of the ponytail. Then, secure it by wrapping it through the ponytail and nailing it with forks. Repeat on the other side. Finally, roll up the horse’s tail and twist the sections until they form a bun and fix them with hairpins.

High ponytail with accessories
High ponytail with accessories

Although this seems to be a half-up, half-down style, it was created with a little help from a curly horse-drawn ponytail unit. It is completely optional if your hair is longer or thicker. However, if the hair is short and extremely thin, it is an easy way to create the illusion.

From the third or fourth day, cool the curls with water and then distribute a soft fixation gel. Pick up the hair in a high ponytail and use a boar hair brush to smooth out any bumps. Secure it with an elastic.

Next, loosen the ponytail with string and slide the attached clips around the perimeters of the ponytail. Use additional pins to secure the unit. The gold pendants were used to add sparkle to the style by sliding a fork into them and placing them in the shape of a crown.

Pineapple Updo with handkerchief
Pineapple Updo with the handkerchief

Elegant and easy, an updo pineapple with a scarf can dress your head. After pulling the hair towards a high ponytail, secure it with an elastic and let the curls fall towards your face or to the side.

Using a long handkerchief, start by placing the center, at the base of your head, then wrap the two ends towards the front. Superimpose the two ends and continue wrapping until you reach the ends. Tuck the ends in any part of the handkerchief.

2019 Pineapple Updo
2019 Pineapple Updo

Almost all curly-haired girls, use this hairstyle. One of the simplest styles since it only requires an elastic. Gather the curls in a high ponytail and join them with the elastic. Gently pull the ponytail to bring some of the curls to your forehead and voila, immediately up!

Pineapple is also a popular way to use curly hair to sleep at night.



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