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How about curly bridal hairstyles for your big day?

How about curly bridal hairstyles for your big day?

While you are planning your wedding and you choose curly bridal hairstyles. There is a number of decisions you need to make leading up to your big day – from flower arrangements and decorations to food catering, outfit and hair choices. But of all those choices, how to wear your hair may be the most exciting one; after all, the pictures from the wedding will be viewed again and again years after the event. That’s why it’s good if a bridal hairstyle is both classic and romantic – something that never gets dated. Curly hair, natural or styled, is a perfect texture for a timeless wedding hairstyle. Now, there is a fantastic collection of curly bridal hairstyles, choose the best for you.

Vintage curly bridal hairstyles you will admire…♥

Long natural curls are beautiful in lovely half updos and down-dos. But if you lack length or want to wear your hair up to show off your delicate neckline and shoulders, try one of the soft curly updos with flowers, loose braids, twists or dainty hair pieces.

Long Flowing curls with fresh flowers is very romantic

Adding exotic fresh flowers to your hair can really boost the wow factor of your whole look. This bride is fabulously floral with a relaxed chignon and a colorful splash of spring. The result is an original organic style you want to do a double take on. Let us take an overall look for different types of curly bridal hairstyles with flowers.

1- long fresh curly bridal hairstyles with flowers

2-Braided curly bridal hairstyles with oriental flowers

3-Blonde natural curly bridal hairstyles and white flowers

4-Fresh flowers and thin curly short hair

5-Attractive crown of flowers with your curly bridal hairstyles

6-Soft rosy flowers, rosy dress, and fantastic curly bridal hairstyles

Beautiful curly bridal hairstyles with rosy flowers

7- Soft curly bridal hairstyle and accessories

This textured and layered updo is full of air as if summer breeze has got caught among those disheveled strands. We recommend using a salt spray to make the hair easier to handle.

#Attractive Tousled and pinned updos 

The layered dos and loosely pinned locks create a really sweet style. Use a combination of twists and braids to achieve this soft, rustic updo. For the full wedding package add a pretty pin of your choice.

9- Ashy- attractive curly hairstyles with a soft accessory

10-long and stunning natural curly hairstyles with accessory

Attractive-simple curly wedding hairstyles

11-Beautiful simple curly bridal hair

12-Sexy curly red hair with attractive accessory