Are you looking for inspiration for your curly hair? Do not worry, since there are many options to change their appearance. The thin hair and curly often struggle with the loss of volume and flat appearance. However, its softer texture can help handle styles very easily. So, leave your comfort zone and try these 4 CUTE CURLY 2019 HAIRSTYLES.

Elegant and voluminous ponytail
An elegant and voluminous ponytail

An easy way to add volume to a ponytail is to create two! First, create a horseshoe section at the top. 

Then, push the section forward and secure the horsetail without squeezing it with an elastic, a clip or pins.

 Pick up the hair that falls from the horse’s tail and fixes it in a loose horsetail and lowers it with the lower half of the hair.

Pull the top of the horseshoe so that it is not flat against the scalp and leave loose tendrils near the ears.

2019 Braided knots
2019 Braided knots

The knots are beautiful and easy to make. It may take more time, but the process itself is simple.

First, decide how many knots to create and then section the hair vertically or horizontally. 

Within each section, create a smaller section for the individual node. 

Smooth the edge control along the base and use a smoothing brush to flatten any bumpy areas.

 Next, secure in a ponytail with a mini elastic and unravel with a comb. 

Create a braid and then wrap the braid in a bun. Secure with hairpins. 

With finer textures, you can add braided hair to increase the volume of the model’s appearance in this image.

Repeat the process in each small section and smooth the hairline with the edge control and a toothbrush.

False curly falcon
False curly falcon-CURLY 2019 HAIRSTYLES

An easy way to work with stretched curls is to create a fake curly falcon. 

Create 3 sections: one low, medium and high, and fasten it with elastics. 

Keep each section close to the other so that it looks cohesive as a section. 

If your hair has bangs, leave it out for a rock look.

Gently pull each ponytail vertically and place a stubborn hair. 

Fix the base of the explosion area to match the false falcon.

Double bun at half height
Double bun at half height-CURLY 2019 HAIRSTYLES

Double bows always seem to work well during warm weather and pull hair out of the face. 

This particular style does not remove hair from the neck but incorporates a fun look. 

Start by creating three sections. 

A large section in the lower half of the hair and two in the upper part divided in half.

Create a ponytail in each of the two upper sections and fix it with an elastic. 

In each ponytail, wrap the hair to create a small bun and attach it with hairpins. 

Leave the bottom half free and enhance the curls by spraying with a conditioner or a styling cream. 

(Style tip: Place an ornate necklace around the hairline to give a special touch to the look.)



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